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... I had a double bunionectomy and hammertoe surgery and was very glad I did it that way. ... (42 replies)
... tual health, since the recovery can be exhausting and wrought with frustration, not to mention finding your doctor, postop, will start to minimize your concerns, 8 weeks postop, when you aren't on the ideal healing schedule. ... (90 replies)
... I think once you're allowed to get your foot wet you can start using lotions and oils. I actually didn't start putting anything on my foot till 6 or 8 weeks later because I was grossed out by my foot and afraid to touch it. ... (3 replies)

... aksed my pod about that and in my situation he told me I couldn't because I wouldn't be able to walk at all. He had to do a bone fusion so I was totally NWB for 8 weeks. ... (42 replies)
... seems like more problems cropping up since my surgery.....I had my left foot done Feb, 8 weeks post op, 9 weeks.... ... (29 replies)
... Well, I am 12 weeks postop and feel like my bone is healing. I had a setback at 8 weeks and pulled back on my PT? ... (10 replies)
... etc. is when the pain set in.... I really think I was one who should have been NWB for 8 weeks, like some here....instead of PWB, so soon after surgery, so I have a setback. ... (7 replies)
... That was the only time I took my off unless I was sitting with my foot elevated. I wasn't given any exercises to do until after 8 weeks and the first question I asked was whether the fusion was a success. He said it was. ... (7 replies)
... austin bunionectomy of my left foot, with a Kwire, not a screw. Fairly standard. I followed my doctor's instructions and was NWB for the first 2 weeks and was PWB, to 8 weeks. Then, I started PT and went to FWB. I was bending the area quite a bit, after the 8 week mark, when I noticed the pain increasing. ... (7 replies)
... What kind of bunionectomy did you have? ... (7 replies)
... You can see in the x-rays if the bones are too long. In the average person the metatarsal heads are supposed to be lined up mostly even, if the bones extend much farther out you put a lot of pressure downwards on the sole of your foot because your bones are at an angle pointing to the ground. My podiatrist tells me that a protective boot is imperative and to expect to be in... (3 replies)
... My toe is very stiff and a bit shorter since my bunionectomy. The numbness has subsided, but it does feel bizarre. Almost 6 weeks post op, I'm trying to increase my range of motion and will start to go to physical therapy. Did anyone fully regain there range of motion with there big toe? ... (4 replies)
... I guess a wire is similar to a pin. He said they are easier to remove than screws, if they ever need to be taken out, due to irritation I guess. He has encouraged me to move the toe, but he also said it takes 8+ weeks for bone to heal and fuse. How aggressively did you bend your toe/incision area, post op and how long did you do PT? Is your foot still stiff or is it like... (7 replies)
... Much depends on your particular situation and doctor's instructions (Will you have a cast? boot? How soon can you start walking?), but I would think you should definitely be able to travel with your husband. You might want to request a bulkhead seat so you'd have room to elevate your foot, but at 7-8 weeks you should be fine without that being a necessity for a cross-country... (1 replies)
... Chevron Bunionectomy on my right foot in 3 weeks. My question is... ... (1 replies)
... Should I be non weight bearing longer, since it takes 8 weeks for bone to heal? ... (7 replies)
... i am thinking 6-8 weeks. you might not be able to walk barefoot for long periods of time. walking barefoot can be disruptive to the foot. (2 replies)
... etc. I'm a swimmer as well as a runner, so, I hope I'll be able to swim laps by 8 weeks. I think that will be good therapy too. Dancergal19, it sounds like you exercise alot. When did you feel fit to dance or be aerobic again? ... (7 replies)
... I have a new update for this thread. I stopped the antibiotics for my infection almost three weeks ago. The ID dr said the infection was probably gone. The only way to really know for sure is to stop the antibiotics and watch for symptoms to return. ... (22 replies)
... You sound like I did 8 weeks ago. There is no such thing as a good nights sleep, but believe me, there is nothing to worry about. ... (13 replies)

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