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... All depends on how serious a bunion you have and the underlying cause. If the bone just protrudes and there are no structural changes, this should work. But if the toe slants in the wrong direction and if there are other complications, more extensive repairs are needed. (2 replies)
... I wanted to give an update on my foot status. Went back to DPM1 last week and he had some theories as to why i am still having complications. I have a swollen tendon, irritated nerve or i am developing an allergy to the pin. He gave me 1 cc of cortisone in the area where i feel the pinching as i come off my big toe. If it is a tendon or nerve problem, then the cortisone... (4 replies)
... I was shuffled around from one doc to another, then finally had a medial sesamoidectomy at the same hospital you mentioned. I really couldn't walk at all before the surgery; now, 4+ years since the sesamoidectomy and 2 add'l surgeries, I can walk better, but sports are over for me. (I was a collegiate athlete.) I wouldn't even consider surgery for "some pain" and a desire to... (8 replies)

... When I first had all these post surgery complications I vowed that I would never get my other foot done. ... (5 replies)
... I am so sorry that your bunionectomy has been such a bummer. I had a single one done about 10 months ago and I am still in the recovery mode, too. ... (8 replies)
... I have had four bunion surgeries so I can tell you it does subside!! Most of us heal and move on. I only had one surgery where I had complications. For some reason I had excessive scar tissue build-up and it was 9 months before I had full range of motion back in my big toe. My most recent surgery was on my right foot-big toe last January and right now I have NO residual... (14 replies)
... Hi Everyone~ I was born with bunions. As a child, my mother consulted a podiatrist, who recommended leaving them alone until I was an adult and only treat if they became a problem. I'm thinking about having the Austin Bunionectomy. Doing the left foot first, then then the right. I haven't seen anything posted that talks about the scars. Are they bad? How long before... (14 replies)
... Hi everyone! Hi Jane, long time no see, Happy 2010! :jester: As Jane said, there are both good and bad apples in each profession. The bottom line is: It's not what they can do but what your feet really need. I know some surgeons who know one or two techniques, so it doesn't matter what your feet need, they may still perform what they know on you. Being a nurse, you... (12 replies)
... You're welcome, Kalikt. Some doctors (especially surgeons) don't like to talk. My surgeon is rare - great doctor and has a personality! LOL! As long as you don't have any complications, I think 4-6 months between surgeries is common. ~ Jill (3 replies)
... I developped complications at 3. ... (14 replies)
... D I did a lot of research online and read some chapters on podiatry lol before my surgery. I was really scared about the possible complications etc after reading a lot of posts. ... (97 replies)
... Thankyou so much for your information. My dr was thorough when he said the procedure but I was just taken back with how long I would be off my foot and just couldn't believe it. And since I didn't know anyone who had had the procedure done it was really????? I had also looked on the internet on the medical pages and they stated not as long so that is why I was questioning. So... (7 replies)
... I had an osteotomy. I was on the couch for a full 6 weeks with my foot elevated above my head. Then I took a further 2 weeks to gradually get back to the normal use of my foot with more weight bearing each day. The elevation keeps the swelling down which is key to pain control and healing. I never needed pain killers after about 48 hrs. A swollen foot cannot heal. I even... (7 replies)
... be interested in hearing about your extended recovery. I'm 56 and had been active. My Doc recommended the Keller over fusion or an implant. He said implants have complications and fusion limits your mobility. My great toe had too much arthritis to have the other surgeries....keep us posted. ... (17 replies)
... Trying to get back to work, mostly from home but a full day does wear you out. I had some complications with swelling so it is taking me a bit longer to get there. My strength is not great due to sitting for so long. Working on some floor excercised on my back etc. ... (39 replies)
... P appointment I was asked to read and sign a paper explaining about complications that had a good analogy in it. This was above and beyond the "Informed Consent" document. ... (90 replies)
... Thanks, Runner. Your post was a huge help. I was beginning to think I'd injured myself somehow. The pain really is excruciating, but only when I've put it down for more that a minute or so. This whole early recovery really is an emotional rollercoaster, huh? I went from feeling fantastic earlier in the week, to wondering how I'm ever going to get back on my feet. I... (24 replies)
... Be careful about overdoing it, there are many posts on here that talk about complications such as bones not fusing or things working loose. Wear your surgical boot whenever you are putting any pressure on your foot. ... (24 replies)
... The tightrope procedure has it benefits but there have also been quite a few complications with it with the wire breaking, or pulling right through the bone causing a fracture of the 2nd metatarsal. ... (8 replies)
... This was after many months of treatment to try to get it to heal because both were broken... only one healed so the other was removed. I ended up having some complications like scar tissue issues and neuromas, as well as many years of PT. I don't have full movement of my big toe either. ... (5 replies)

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