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... Hi! I agree. We take something as simple as bathing for granted, until faced with trying to keep the bandages/casts etc dry,elevated and then such a mundane task becomes such a challenge. You did really well! FYI, in case anyone needs. There is a product on the market to wash your hair easily. It's called a no-rinse shower cap. The nursing staff used on my Mom when she... (6 replies)
... Hello, I have a pretty large bunion on my left foot that is causing serious issues. I had orthotics made by a podiatrist (he does not do surgeries) 4 months ago and my foot pain has lessened a little but it is still not good. I am waiting (likely 2 years) for an appointment at the foot clinic at St. Paul's......Waiting two years is a wee bit too long for me so I am... (0 replies)
... Hello Profmia, the product I got is called 'Tight Seal" which only cost me Canadian $7.00 at the health care speciality store near my local hospital. It was basically a long (the shape of a leg) plastic bag with a verco strap which comes with it to tight up the top part of the thigh so it stays up when you bath or shower. However, I find that water still leaked in it when I... (41 replies)

... Thanks for the nice posts and encouragement. I had the lapidus with the two screws (cost was almost $1,200 for just the 2 screws!) that are internal and will remain there permanently. I am learning alot about these procedures. I wanted something that would last forever, if possible, as my family has a history of bunions and bad feet. I have been a runner since 1983 and those... (149 replies)
... Melissa- Good luck tomorrow with work. I did a full day's work on Wednesday from home and crashed, but also was getting a cold. As a result, Thursday was very difficult. My foot was sore, my nose was running and I feel asleep at 7:30, I guess that is why I am up now. I am not as brave as you, I haven't had the courage to wash my foot. At my post op, my foot was wrapped... (39 replies)
... My out of pocket cost was $100 but I have awesome insurance ( I work for a Swedish company). The whole thing was about 28k- now the insurance company has an agreement with the hospital and the docs so they only paid about 16k. I stayed overnight in the hospital and had the nerve block as well as general anesthesia . I had a couple of tendons transfered, a bunionectomy, an... (18 replies)
... Chic43, I have been having someone massage my foot and scar tissue for me. It's worth the extra cost. I try to aggressively massage my own scar and foot....arch, toes, heel; etc., but, somehow, the healing aspect of hands on healing, with the massage......soothing music.....helps the recovery process. I'll try that tea. I love herbal teas with honey. (90 replies)
... I don't know if it makes as much of difference for everyone else as it turned out that it did for me, but insurance companies cover a great deal more if you have you work done by a "preferred" surgeon or at a "preferred" hospital. My hospital bill for my second bunionectomy was $9,000 but because it was done at a preferred hospital over $6,000 was written off. I just lucked... (5 replies)
... Wow! I feel like I am reading my own mind with these posts! I always put off surgery for 12 years, making excuses. I am 33. I have severe bunions, plus problems with 2nd and 3rd toes. My left foot is all fixed. Although frustrating, the recuperation was a lot better than I expected. Keep in mind I had bunionectomy, an osteotomy, one toe shortened and knuckles shaved down on 2... (5 replies)
... I had a double bunionectomy last foot Oct. ... (1 replies)
... re difficult as far as recovery goes. I realize that you want to bunch it all together, same time and money, but you may end up with terrible results, which will cost you much more time and money in the end. I would do the feet first, wait a month than do your breast surgery. ... (9 replies)
... Patient: Middle-aged female, athletic, slim. Pre-surgery: Walked 5 days a week; cycled 2 times a week, for one hour each time; worked out with a stretch band; did exercise to increase leg strength and balance, good physical condition, strong legs. I have been athletic all my life. Problem: Big toe on right foot was drifting toward second toe causing an ingrown... (16 replies)
Bunionectomy scars
Aug 21, 2004
... you can wash them off and reuse them so they're much more cost effective than some of the others that I have priced. Hope that helps! ... (12 replies)
... Bunion surgery takes a long process to return you to normal. My bunions were severe and I had my double bunionectomy on 8/28/03. I thought by Thanksgiving I would be walking normal like nothing had happened. But it wasn't until 4 to 5 months post op that I began to walk close to normal. Now at 10 months post op, I am 99.8 %. I can now wear dress shoes comfortably even though I... (7 replies)
... is worth the cost for less stress! I hope you have a calm weekend! For the anesthesia, I plan to go with a spinal, with the intent to get sedated in the OR if I need it. ... (4 replies)
... Where I live it is between $4,000 and $5,000 per foot. I had a double bunionectomy in January and it was a little over $8,500.00. (5 replies)
... Just in case anyone is interested my Dr. said the general cost of Bunion Surgery is around $5-7000. This is for a v-cut bunionectomy with screws/pin. Have seen this question floating around a while ago. Will let you know more when i get statements from my insurance company!! (0 replies)
... I just went through a lapidus bunionectomy and hammertoe surgery and thought I had all my bases covered with expensing out the full cost of this surgery. ... (2 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Hallux Limitus 1.5 years ago. Aside from the arthritis, I have 3+ cysts in the bone. Contributing issues are that I have a long first metatarsal and my joint is elevated. Much of the pain also comes from my sesamoids. I have seen 4 doctors (podiatrists, orthopedic surgeons) thus far regarding opinions regarding treatment and surgery. The consensus is... (3 replies)
Foot pain
Aug 16, 2011
... A year ago I had two surgeries in my left foot, a bunionectomy and a mortons neuroma surgery. Now I was just diagnosed with capsulitis and plantar fibromatosis in the same foot. I am in a lot of pain and my dr. ... (0 replies)

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