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... months after surgery i had cortisone shots on either bunion. Had minimal effect. Went back to physical therapy. My foot was gaining flexibility and strength but swelling was still present and pain upon exertion. Tried 3 weeks of aleve that had minimal effect. ... (4 replies)
... as it can create more scar tissues causing flexibility issue later on not to mention major discomfort with your foot throbbing. ... (6 replies)
... I just had a Scarf procedure yesterday. My doctor is fairly "progressive"- I wouldn't have believed how quickly he expects me to heal, except that I had a friend have the same procedure done by him. I have no cast, and I'm not allowed to use crutches. I am all wrapped up and am non weight bearing for 1 week-10 days, except he WANTS me to walk to the bathroom, and any time I... (26 replies)

... Your recovery sounds like it is right on target to me. I had an Austin bunionectomy and bunionectomy on the 5th metatarsal of the right foot two years ago. I was into a shoe the fifth week. The stiffness is normal. ... (3 replies)
... nning or biking. My doctor has me doing about 100 toe stretches a day. It is a little painful but not bad. He says it is important to do this amount to get back flexibility in my toe. My foot looks really good, though. ... (149 replies)
... I now have good movement in my ankles. The toe exercises I started doing after 2 weeks and it is just pulling the big tow towards me in a stretch to begin to get flexibility in it. ... (149 replies)
... So glad to hear you are feeling better and I am envious that you can put weight on your foot. I will be in this metal boot-thing (which is such a burdensome contraption) for at least several more weeks. I had my Dr. appointment yesterday and had new bandages put on. My toes are really swollen but my toe exercises are giving my big toe more flexibility. My right leg is so weird... (149 replies)
... hey everyone!!! It's funny- I felt all 'at home' seeing these familiar names weighing in on this topic!! ;-) How are you- earthworm, pearl and northwind!!? To answer the question (in my opinion)- I had bilateral scarf bunionectomy- and I say- ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON for sure!! mine was a foot and ankle specialist, and even though he had the communication skills of a mute, his... (12 replies)
... Hmmm....can't say as that would help much with flexibility but perhaps that's normal for the procedure you had. ... (6 replies)
... n't think they just return to normal by themselves, some rehab help from yourself or someone else is likely needed. Unless you had every bone in there fused and flexibility is not important. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks Pearl for bringing the bunion group together. I am in awe of you who had both feet done at the same time. You will be so glad you did it in one shot. I will need to have the other foot done, same procedure for the bunion and tailor's bunion. I was hoping to wait a few years, but the joint on the big toe of my bad foot is hurting like crazy. I was hoping to go to... (97 replies)
... not by leaps and bounds, but a slow progression. I just continue doing internal scar massaging and isometric exercises on my own every 3 hours to increase the flexibility of the big toes. ... (35 replies)
... and a half months post op. I can say with all honesty that I finally have zero pain from the surgery. I still have some residual stiffness. I lost some of the flexibility of the foot. But, I think that maybe because I was hyperflexible in the foot to begin with that that caused the bunion issue to begin with. ... (90 replies)
... I had a double bunionectomy and hammertoe surgery and was very glad I did it that way. ... (42 replies)
... Glad to hear that you are progressing and can get your shoes on! I don't think minor discomfort is anything to worry about-- Probably to be expected. If it's more than minor, it may mean that you need even wider shoes to accommodate the swelling. My doctor not only allowed me to wear gym shoes, but wanted me to. Once I graduated out of the surgical sandal, he didn't want me to... (11 replies)
... op from my bunionectomy and finally feeling hopeful! ... (19 replies)
... Dark Light, I'm hoping it's not too late for you. My doc recommended that I push the toe back and forth and hold in each position for 20-30 seconds. I have been doing that, but find that pushing the toe back and forth without pausing (I've started doing this for a total of 150 reps throughout the day, a la Runner Mac) actually leads to more flexibility. So, now I'm doing... (19 replies)
... I'm glad to hear that your foot is feeling better! I do know that the swelling makes a huge difference in the pain level. As far as the flexibility in your toe, I would say to keep working on it diligently, and it will come. ... (19 replies)
... Hi everyone, I just wanted to give a quick update and to ask another question of you. I'm now 16 days post-op and what an enormous difference! I finally got to my post-op visit, had my enormous bandages removed and got cleared to walk, drive, and BATHE!! Some of you might have read my previous post where I asked if it's normal to have excruciating pain everywhere besides... (19 replies)
... Hi, wmkcolors~ I was never totally NWB, so regaining strength was not as big an issue for me. (Following a double bunionectomy, I was very minimally weight-bearing for two weeks, after which I started walking more and more.) Within six months of the surgery, I can say that I not only felt truly normal, but WAY better than I did when I was suffering from the bunions. My only... (4 replies)

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