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... Hello everyone. I had a bunionectomy in 1998 and it has been a nightmare ever since. The podiatrist said I had a bone tumor and did a bone graft. ... (2 replies)
... k you for your nice reply. Unfortunately, I cannot seek a second opinion as I doubt that any other surgeon would take on the job done by another surgeon that has gone wrong. I am scheduled to have the plate and screws removed this Monday. ... (8 replies)
... Meghan, What type of procedure did you have? I'm really surprised that your Dr never prescribed PT for you. I agree with Zard and would suggest asking your Dr about it or finding a PT that your insurance covers and getting a consultation with someone. If I had never started PT (I had a bunionectomy and osteotomy on april 3rd) I think my foot would be in far worse shape. ... (13 replies)

... After hearing some horror stories about "corrective" surgery after bunionectomy complications, it seems like the corrections are sometimes worse than just letting time heal the foot, so I'm happy enough to wait. The scar I've got is enough! ... (13 replies)
... My podiastrist told me that he wouldn't fit anyone for orthodics for at least 8 months after a bunionectomy because of there is often some swelling even until that point. ... (13 replies)
... I found various message boards and blogs to be a great resource when I was researching my surgery and post-op experiences, so I wanted to share my own story as well for others who are researching. I was diagnosed with a moderate bunion on my right foot at the age of 34 - I've had the bunion since I was a child, but it only began causing me issues in the year prior to my... (3 replies)
... Totally agree, had a bunionectomy in 2008 - will still in pain. Had little cartilage left and sesamoid pain; ended up doing a 1st MTP fusion. Still pain, so the fibial sesamoid was removed in October 2011. I have burning and tingling and difficulty walking and standing. Now seeing a foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon who told me foot surgery is tricky. I worry about my... (9 replies)
... Greetings: Sent you a hug. I had my bunion (reconstructed foot surgery) two week ago today. Went for post op earlier during the week. I had lots of leakage from area where the pins are but was told to shower the next day. What a disaster! While I was told to bear wt. on the heels something went wrong. Bled profusely. Called my surgeon in panic. Was told to discontinue shower... (41 replies)
... ications but i have to say that i did not sign up for this! Nerve problems really scare me...i have read so many horror stories about nerve entrapment surgeries gone wrong and people end up worse off than they were. ... (113 replies)
... Hi Polly (hope you don't mind me addressing you as Polly, more personable) ;) My 2nd visit to my foot doctor (who is the also the one who performs on my surgery) is tomorrow late afternoon. My hubby will come home a bit earlier and drives me to see her. Her clinic is about 20 minutes by highway from my home at the other end of the town. Which is not too bad for... (41 replies)
... Hi Hotdog girl, what a tremendous suprise to get a reply from you- and all the way from Canada too. I'm afraid I had to have a day more or less in bed after doing far too much the day before. I felt that I had really cracked this recovery business and was practically skipping about in my snazzy (not) velcro sandals; painting, sewing, hoovering, cooking and on more than one... (41 replies)
... I was still uncomfortable at week 4, I was shuffling about with some discomfort and with the crutches. My consultant doesnt want any weight on the forefoot which is what I have avoided although I can feel some weight bearing on the ball of my foot whilst walking, or if I land wrong. It doesnt hurt at all. When I started walking on my heel I had terrible pins and needles but... (26 replies)
... n aback and had never had this happen in his career. He has done a lot of research on his end and I have traced my progress over and over to see what could have gone wrong. There does not seem to be a smoking gun. Anyway, no one could have even convinced me that this could happen because my recovery was going so well. ... (61 replies)
... So 5 months out from my bunionectomy I started to have some nerve pain in my 2nd toe. A sharp shard of glass feeling.. this progressed to be a burning pain on the bottom of my foot too.. ... (7 replies)
... hey everyone!!! It's funny- I felt all 'at home' seeing these familiar names weighing in on this topic!! ;-) How are you- earthworm, pearl and northwind!!? To answer the question (in my opinion)- I had bilateral scarf bunionectomy- and I say- ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON for sure!! mine was a foot and ankle specialist, and even though he had the communication skills of a mute, his... (12 replies)
... I may have it wrong a bit. Can't remember exactly. ... (7 replies)
... PM feeling like this will never end and there is something bigger wrong with me that keeps causing these infections! ... (22 replies)
... I started bearing weight 4 wks after surgery. I didn't believe the doctor when he told me I could start using my foot (I just had my pins out), and when I got home I was sure he must be wrong. I couldn't even stand on it, let alone walk. After giving my foot some rest, I took a few short walks up and down the hall with the aid of my crutches. It was impossible for me to put my... (16 replies)
... the two procedures just 3 weeks apart. if i'd been all the way recovered to walking without a limp, and then had to go back to square one, i think i would have gone crazy. this way, foot 1 was strong enough to support me on crutches, when foot 3 was done. ... (72 replies)
... I am a first time user to this board. I had a bunionectomy on Jan. 6th which has still not healed. Almost eleven weeks later. I am 65 years old and an occasional smoker. ... (10 replies)

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