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... of and see how I feel. Is it common to have alot of nerve pain. Most of my pain feels like someone is putting a tight rubber band on the middle of my foot and pins and needles and some burning. She said in a few days we should know if the neurontin helps. ... (15 replies)
... d getting very achy last night, along with "pins and needles" sensations everywhere. This morning I woke up with a bit more pain and a lot of swelling, plus the pins and needles. ... (0 replies)
... When I started walking on my heel I had terrible pins and needles but because Im doing it every day now that has gone. ... (26 replies)

... I've had plantar faciitis and it's usually almost a cutting pain on the front side of the heal. I have had a lot of intermittant pins and needles feelings in my feet. This according to the Doc is just nerves healing up. ... (41 replies)
... It was aching like mad yesterday after my morning 'walk' so didnt do any more and when I put my heel down this morning it was agony, pins and needles through my heel. I'm wondering if it is that plantas faciitus? ... (41 replies)
... months post op bunionectomy on left foot with the flexor tendon of the 2nd toe straightened. ... (30 replies)
... My Nana brought me over one of her 'wedge' pillows that has worked a treat for my pins and needles and general elevlation levels. ... (97 replies)
... I was down your path 6 weeks ago when I had my bunion surgery. I had an austin and taylor bunionectomy with 4 screws in total placed in my left foot. Of course I was extremely nervous the night before and day of. My surgery lasted about 2 hours in total. ... (13 replies)
... m now 6 mos out from my Keller Bunionectomy. At this time I have very little pain but the toe is still somewhat swollen and it is shorter. I also get some weird needles and pins feeling in my toe which I understand are nerves regenerating. ... (17 replies)
... Hi all! I've been lurking here since about January. Reading about your experiences with your doctors and surgeries have been very helpful. It is so nice to be able to get an idea of what to ask, do and expect. So, I'd like to first thank you all for sharing all you've been through. I had a chevron bunionectomy last Wednesday (April 4) and everything seems to have gone quite... (1 replies)
... y. In shoes or out of shoes I am walking flat footed, sort of stomp my feet flat as I walk. I guess I am afraid to walk normal and bend my toes as I walk. I have pins in my big toe joints, so maybe subconciously I am afraid to bend the joints or something. ... (5 replies)
... st metatarsal fused. I do not have a pin in my toe. I have been in sneakers for about a month now and my foot and ankle still swell every day. I get the numb pins and needles feeling in my toe and bunion area. I bought these sneakers after the surgery. I also bought a new pair of "good" loafers that I can wear for work. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Debbie - I changed my screen name in case you are confused. Anyway maybe it makes a difference because your implant is in the big toe. My fusion is in the first metatarsul at the end closest to my ankle. I can't say I have any pain at all. If I overdo I find myself limping again. My big toe still does not move on it's own although last week my dr said the range of... (2 replies)
... from bunionectomy with first metatarsal fusion and every day is a little better. ... (3 replies)
... I know what you mean about the pins and needles-- I hate that feeling! Yuck! Well, I am wearing running shoes today! It feels very weird to put weight on my forefoot. My calf muscle is totally atrophied after only 4 weeks! My leg feels like it isn't strong enough to support me, or something. It is hard to describe but I'm sure you know what I mean. My husband wants to know... (3 replies)
... Hey BunionLuvah - sounds like you are doing great. As far as numbness I'm 10 weeks post op and the area where my bunion was is still numb. My dr told me that all the nerves are very close to the skin in your foot and any swelling with make it numb. I also know when I have done too much because I get "pins and needles" feeling in the foot and I have to get off it. That is... (3 replies)
... I've not written on this board in quite some time now but right at one year ago I had a bunionectomy on each foot performed. ... (7 replies)
... weeks. I already find that I can leave my foot "down" longer without getting the pins and needles feeling. I've tried moving my big toe and that doesn't seem to be working yet and that's one of my questions for Thursday. ... (3 replies)
... I think part of the reason your foot looks thicker is because you're not walking on it, putting the weight of your body down on it 5,000,000 times a day right now. When you start walking aging, I think you'll see it get a little flatter and slightly wider again. I know I had lost of "pins and needles" in it when I started walking on mine. Also, after 8 weeks of NWB, it took me... (19 replies)
... jeepgirl, i just chuckled to myself..i do the same thing with my fat hurts too much to put pressure on the i use my left foot for that too. btw, did you have othotics made? did your doc suggest them? im thinking about them..i had my left foot done 13 yrs ago when i was 29 yrs old..had a horrible bone infecton after that and needed 2 more... (192 replies)

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