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... Hello All! I also had the Chevron procedure. I am 11 days Post Op. ... (3 replies)
... Hello Profmia, the product I got is called 'Tight Seal" which only cost me Canadian $7.00 at the health care speciality store near my local hospital. It was basically a long (the shape of a leg) plastic bag with a verco strap which comes with it to tight up the top part of the thigh so it stays up when you bath or shower. However, I find that water still leaked in it when I... (41 replies)
... Greetings Hotdog Girl: Thanks for your reply and well wishes. Actually, your response contributed to changing my mood from worried to being a bit more optimistic :-). My left foot surgery some yrs. back was totally different and done by an excellent podiatrist. Recovery as I remember was about two months. I had no wt. bearing probs and went from the half open toe walking... (41 replies)

... Like you, I was VERY worried and almost got into a depression during the first 3 weeks post op. ... (41 replies)
... two week ago today. Went for post op earlier during the week. I had lots of leakage from area where the pins are but was told to shower the next day. What a disaster! While I was told to bear wt. ... (41 replies)
... and let it sticks out for a bit post op, but will be removed eventually so I have no metal inside me. ... (41 replies)
... and let it sticks out for a bit post op, but will be removed eventually so I have no metal inside me. ... (41 replies)
... Hi All, Thanks so much for continuing to tell your stories. I had my 2 week post-op check-up with the nurse and at first found myself barely able to squint at the damage as the original dressings were removed. However very pleased to say that my feet didn't look half bad. Some bruising to my second toes, redness and a bit of swelling around the joint, very little dried... (41 replies)
... ay be due to the bundled up for the past 10 days. I hope this is also a sign of recovery. I no longer need to ice the foot that much nowadays compares to the 1st post op week. Just very occasionally if I had my foot down for longer down than expected. ... (41 replies)
... op and I was given the velcrO sandal which i soon got the hang of. The op took about an hour and I came home about 5 hours later. ... (41 replies)
... Hi Delightfuldior, so glad to hear a reply as a new member myself! It does encourages me a lot to have such on-line community support during these tough weeks :) Your photos are looking good, I have to say, you're definitely on the road to full recovery, and your toes look straight and nice. I really believe it is just a matter of time for you to get the full bounds back in... (41 replies)
... chevron bunion op. with pins and 3 screws put into each foot. The pre op and op itself were fine with little or no pain or bleeding after theatre. ... (41 replies)
... I was not allowed to drive until the pins were out of the hammertoes - that was 6 weeks. I snuck in a trip to the gas station around the corner twice though. As for the pins and needles - I've had plantar faciitis and it's usually almost a cutting pain on the front side of the heal. I have had a lot of intermittant pins and needles feelings in my feet. This according to the... (41 replies)
... Hi Delightful, Don't despair! I think most of us would agree that the first few weeks are the worst after bunion surgery. I'm now at 8 weeks (and four days!) post-op. Like you I had my stitches out at two weeks and then I was on crutches and only weight bearing on my heel for another month, after which I had the external pin removed and was referred for physio. I've... (41 replies)
... Hey guys! 2 weeks post-op on 11-19. Went back to work this week and its been going really well. Only discomfort is from the slight swelling I’ve been having but as soon as i get to work i put my feet in a chair so it isn't that bad. I'm walking pretty well in those post-op shoes, slow but good; I can't walk to fast in em. My incision is healing nicely and i think these... (97 replies)
... Hi Beetroot sorry to hear about your problem. I to had a big toe that would not lie flat . Mine to was at the 6 week mark when i had the cast and bandages removed. With physio and exercise im sure like mine it will slowly go into its rightfull position. Good Luck. (97 replies)
... Hi all, I am 3 weeks post op from bilateral scarf bunionectomy, and my left foot has healed really well, but my right still looks a bit angry- it's lumpy and there are still dark patches where blood has pooled under the skin..... can anyway relate to this at all? Should I be worried? Can anyone share any tips about wound care? thanks in advance :wave: (17 replies)
... I am 3 days post op from Chevron Akin Bunionectomy. Feel great. Was sick for 2 days due to pain meds. Little to no pain. ... (97 replies)
... Hi Beetroot, You had exactly what Pearl66 had, so she should be able to shed some lights on that for you. That sounds like an Akin issue which I didn't have. I only had bilateral Scarfs. Have you talked to your doctor about this? He/She probably knows best as to why your big toe is sticking up and what can be done to help it to be at normal position. Are you doing any... (97 replies)
... Hi Don't know if I should have started a new thread but I need some advice. I am now 6 weeks post op, had bilateral Scarf/Akin procedure. Problem is the big toe on my left foot is pointing upwards, won't lie flat at all. I cannot get any shoe over it and I don't know what to do. Has any one else experienced this or heard of this before? Please help. Faith (beetroot) (97 replies)

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