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... Hi There, Well, I can certainly relate to all of your concerns and worries! So I will provide as much info as I can coming from my own experience. I am now post op Lapidus both feet, 8 wks, 3 days. I too have had several surgeries, including 2 C-sections, hernia surgery, etc., and yes, this has been the most painful surgery for me as well!! I am 41 with two (9 replies)
... It was the second foot surgery for me because my first simple bunionectomy failed in 6 months. ... (9 replies)
... I am one week post op from lapidus bunionectomy and hammertoe correction on my left foot. I am 43 and have 3 busy, active kids, the youngest is 5 years old, and I have been putting this off for 20 years! ... (9 replies)

... Hello all. By way of background I had an Austin bunionectomy 6 days ago and had my first follow up yesterday and I was hoping some of you who have gone though this already could answer a couple of questions. ... (0 replies)
... I am also 58. I had a bilateral bunionectomy in the spring of 06. ... (6 replies)
... its different for everyone. your shoes might be making it worse. most likely you will not need crutches. when you find out more from your dr then post and tell what he exactly plans to do. (8 replies)
... Hi, As others have said, you first need to find out from your podiatrist if you need to have a simple bunionectomy (just shaving off the bone that sticks out) or a moderate or severe bunionectomy. My bunion was severe and I am way older than you, and so I had to have the big surgery which I can tell you about if you have to go that route. The sooner you can take care of this... (8 replies)
... Hello! I had a chevron (Austin) bunionectomy for a mild bunion and big toe deformity (it had moved out of joint, but hadn't affected any other toes) back in February. I'm finally wearing "cute shoes" again comfortably (though not long distances!) now. So, I had a mild to moderate (ie: only 1 toe involved, Chevron osteotomy with permanent screw) bunion, and I was immobile... (8 replies)
... I had a bunionectomy and osteotomy in April and can give you some idea of what it might be like. First things first, how bad is your bunion? ... (8 replies)
... I had more than a bunionectomy so I really can't answer your questions based only on a bunionectomy. But I would recommend that you go ahead with getting this problem taken care of. I wish I had this done when I was your age. ... (8 replies)
... I'm a 29 years old and have been researching getting a bunionectomy for a few years. ... (8 replies)
... pain and it will be more proctected in that position. There is lots of advice for stuff like ways to keep blankets off of it at night, etc. in the Double Bunionectomy Questions thread from last spring. Best wishes! ... (10 replies)
... Hi, Becky~ I'm sorry that I don't have time to write much now, but I recommend you do a search on the HealthBoards site for two threads titled "Double Bunionectomy Questions" (There are two because the first one got too long and was closed, so a second one was started.) - I had surgery for bunions and hammertoes done on both my feet in May. I have to say that the comments on... (5 replies)
... Hi, Akitalyr~ I can only talk about the experience of doing both feet at once. I had mine done in mid-May. Most doctors are not enthusiastic about doing double bunionectomies; I think partly because they fear that their patients will not follow through in the necessary steps—or in this case, lack of them—for recovery. I promised to be good and was, but it required careful... (8 replies)
... I had one BIG bunionectomy in March, with the other scheduled in December. ... (72 replies)
... That was a huge Ikea store. I find when I walk a long time esp. on concrete, I feel it. I'd like to hear from the rest of our double bunionectomy gang too. I guess with summer and vacations, everyone got pretty busy. After being laid up for a while, I'm sure all of us wanted to get out. ... (72 replies)
... Greetings to my fellow double-bunionectomy survivors from this spring, as well as to all others on this board who suffer with foot problems. I had a double bunionectomy and hammertoe corrections on May 12th, so I’m about 2 & ˝ months post-surgery. I have not posted for several weeks, partly because there hasn’t been much change in the condition of my feet and partly because... (72 replies)
... I am 6 wks post austin bunionectomy, complete with pin. I still have quite a bit of pain and swelling, but I know the swelling is normal. The pain, in the affected joint area and in the bottom of my foot, however, still requires 600 mg advil at least 3x a day. I've done everything I'm supposed to, worn the boot 24/7, worn the toe splint to keep it straight while it heals,... (0 replies)
... You came to the right place. No help with Docs in your locale, but Titchou has the idea. Read through the thread "Double Bunionectomy Questions", which started in late April or early May. ... (13 replies)
... This bunionectomy has gone a lot better than I'd feared. My left foot, which was worse than my right, already feels better than it did before surgery! ... (72 replies)

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