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... It took time for me to be able to either at the dinner table with my family. I ate like a sea otter (with a place to on my chest) or a while. At about six weeks, I started trying to sit with my family at dinner, with my ot propped up on a chair and iced. the first few times, I ended up scooters get back to bed. But I kept trying each day. I gradually got yo 5, 10, 15 and... (15 replies)
... I had bunion surgery also along with a lot more surgeries. I didn't have a lot of pain from the bunion area thank God. My pain came from other areas. Foot surgery is something else. It has been 6 month since I had my surgery and I have good day and bad day. It will take a 12 to 18 months for my foot to fully recover. It takes a lot of patience. Hang in there, hopefully it will... (2 replies)
... LoveOysters; Oh I will definitely shut my door and prop up my leg in between my class lectures (with a "knock, I'm in" sign to give me warning). I think my students won't mind if I do that in class too as we sit around conference tables. Will definitely have to wear wide legged trousers and the thought of make up and dressing does seem monumental. I will (or rather, my... (10 replies)

... Hi Hurtfoot! I thought of a few other things that I would pass your way. I have to agree with Grace that the recovery period seems like forever. I know that from my first surgery which was supposed to be simple (nothing is simple when it deals with your feet). I knew going into this that I would need most of the winter to get back to full speed. Part of it was that this... (9 replies)
... Hi Delightfuldior, so glad to hear a reply as a new member myself! It does encourages me a lot to have such on-line community support during these tough weeks :) Your photos are looking good, I have to say, you're definitely on the road to full recovery, and your toes look straight and nice. I really believe it is just a matter of time for you to get the full bounds back in... (41 replies)
... I hope you recover well. I have to agree, its the test of being housebound and not able to do anything. This was the worst for me. ... (41 replies)
... t up you reduce swelling which increases the rate of recovery. I'd really say take four weeks off. You've had these bunions for such a long time, four weeks to recover in comparison is nothing. It'll do you good in the long term. But I know it's not always easy to do that financially. ... (64 replies)
... but he is an Orthopaedic Surgeon with years of experience so I'm putting my faith in him ... Not sure if its a general or local anaesthetic, might be easier to recover if its just a local. I was told I'd be in and out in the one day. ... (64 replies)
... Hi Alli, You're going to be fine. It's not horrendous, really. Not the easiest thing, but it's not horrendous so try not to worry too much. Bear in mind that when the three of us were writing initially we were in the earlier days of recovery. The absolute worst thing that I found about the surgery was the anxiety that comes with it and with the recovery. I think that... (64 replies)
... feet three weeks ago. It takes time and patience to let your body recover from such a traumatic experience. Please be patient and know that you are on the right road, it just takes a while. ... (9 replies)
... short blocks and I would definitely be using crutches, but even though I know I could walk it, I don't want to push myself too hard too soon. I really need to recover as quickly as possible and I'm already somewhat panicked at the fact that some of you are talking months. ... (149 replies)
... I too didn't realize how long of a process it would be to recover from surgery, I thought I was pretty healthy and would bounce back. ... (149 replies)
... I couldn't recover as easily. but how will I walk if my toe trips me? ... (0 replies)
... hey Dancingfeet, I am so with you right now! When is enough rest enough? well I just finished day 13 and today was the FIRST day I 1. left the house 2. walked for more then 5 steps without crutches 3. was unable to elevate for 2.5 hours.....and although I am not in very much pain (except for where my feet have overcompensated) as the other guys have said…I think this... (11 replies)
... Hi Pearl..Congrats on your new grandson!! I'm sure this will make you want to recover much quicker but don't over do it either. Becareful and take care of yourself. ... (97 replies)
... I was very anxious and nervous before the surgery, then after it was done I was so relieved. I know this is going to be a while to recover and haha... ... (35 replies)
... ns with the doctor then but also had hoped I might be more mobile or at least more comfortable moving about than I am now. I don't know how much I should push to recover versus being careful not to do anything stupid I guess. Maybe I hsould be moving around more even though it is uncomforable as long as I am not in serious pain? ... (2 replies)
... I had a similar procedure to yours. I was on crutches (non weight bearing) for 6 weeks, then in an aircast for another 6 weeks, and then a surgical shoe for about a month. Even after all of that, I had physical therapy and swelling for another 4 or 5 months. Foot surgery is serious, if you don't plan on giving yourself about 1 year to fully recover, you should reconsider... (7 replies)
... Chubster, You need to give your foot a FULL YEAR and then see how you feel. It takes a LONG time for the foot to fully recover. I am sure you will feel a marked improvement after the hardware removal. How much hardware? I know of one staple and one screw. Any others? Even after removal of a plate and multiple screws, the boot (not usually the surgical shoe) is worn for... (36 replies)
... Where is the evidence...that you will not recover from this surgery. ... (90 replies)

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