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... I am now a week post surgery after having a bunionectomy on my left foot. The first week went by with no major issues. The pain mess and numbness really helped. ... (2 replies)
Recovery Times
Jun 22, 2008
... kes it even more frustrating when you aren't at the level the doctor told you that you would be at. I actually yelled at my doctor in regards to this. I had a bunionectomy with osteotomy and was told by not only the doctor but by other people that by 5 weeks I would be in shoes and walking and feeling great with no pain or issues. ... (3 replies)
Recovery Times
Jun 21, 2008
... it seems the average length of recovery is 4 months to 1 year. Is this the norm for most all foot surgeries. ... (3 replies)

... My suggestion is to do everything exactly the way they tell you. Even the couple of times I had to sit in the car just to go for checkups, I was not comfortable and my foot throbbed as it couldn't be elevated adequately in the car. ... (4 replies)
... Ask the name of the procedures you will have, and look up the specific procedure's recovery times, if I had done that, I would have understood that I would be the rare case who ended up in a cast for eight weeks! ... (5 replies)
... loppy big toe and maybe that is why your big toe doesn't touch the ground. You can find more information on the Internet about both of these procedures and their recovery times. Some people have a Keller and just end up not happy with the result and go on to fuse the 1st mtp joint. Others are happy with it. ... (5 replies)
... Op Expectations. Everybody's different, but that was the timetable I got from my doctor for a single bunionectomy that involved cutting a bone and screwing it back together with 1 screw. ... (6 replies)
... types of bunionectomy being done out there. ... (9 replies)
... I found various message boards and blogs to be a great resource when I was researching my surgery and post-op experiences, so I wanted to share my own story as well for others who are researching. I was diagnosed with a moderate bunion on my right foot at the age of 34 - I've had the bunion since I was a child, but it only began causing me issues in the year prior to my... (3 replies)
... I know its normal to lose muscle mass when you are NWB for so long. I also know that this is a long recovery process and that I must be patient. ... (1 replies)
... It took time for me to be able to either at the dinner table with my family. I ate like a sea otter (with a place to on my chest) or a while. At about six weeks, I started trying to sit with my family at dinner, with my ot propped up on a chair and iced. the first few times, I ended up scooters get back to bed. But I kept trying each day. I gradually got yo 5, 10, 15 and... (15 replies)
... Nerve pain often occurs with these surgeries, though not everyone has it. I had it and still have it. I still take Neurontin. It is a medication that most people need to gradually increase over time. it is not an overnight improvement, but it definitely can help. Due to side effects of dizziness and nausea, I needed to start with 100mg per day and gradually increase... (15 replies)
... I haven't had either exact procedure but a couple of others that are similar on both big toe joints. Neither had hardware. For me, both times I could put my heel down to get to the bathroom on crutches, etc. Was without crutches by a week out. ... (6 replies)
... osteotomy on my right foot. General information for recovery that I received from him is a bit of a blur. ... (6 replies)
... Being nwb and having to keep my foot elevated and sitting reclined for the last 8 weeks has been the worse part of the recovery. My husband waits on me hand and foot (no pun intended). And has taken over all the household duties, wont let me do anything. It's definitely caused some friction at times, and I feel like I'm being very ungrateful towards him for being a good guy.... (10 replies)
... I go out 3 or 4 times a week mainly to hospital, GP and physio appointments. ... (5 replies)
... er out and then wast my foot. It's easier for me that way. I am trying to do more of the heel walking but find that is really slow going. I have been out a few times but the hassle of crutches and so forth hardly make it worth the effort. My husband is still the driver, cook, laundry person and grocery shopper. ... (9 replies)
... s pretty much constantly, and I get a sharp pain now and again, for the most part, for me, it is more of a "nuisance" than anything painful. I've had a couple of times where it hurt badly but nothing major. I'm back to work and keep it elevated most of the day. ... (0 replies)
... I have not had the procedure you are having, but I have had general anesthesia 2 times. I was also very nervous the first time, but when I woke up in recovery, I felt silly for being so worried. Anesthesia is such an odd feeling. You are about to have surgery and then you wake up and it feels like no time has passed at all. The first thing I said when I woke up was "what... (12 replies)
... I had my surgery 2 weeks ago and it's been a cake walk. I had one incision on the top of my toe and I had a pin placed where the bone was cut. I went home with a pain med. drip into the incision area for three days. After that I started heel walking. For the first few days of heel walking I felt pain on the top of my foot, but only on the first step I took. It would work... (41 replies)

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