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... with one hand, use the other hand to move the joint at the base of the big toe forward and hold for a few seconds, then back and hold for a few seconds. Repeat multiple times daily. ... (6 replies)
... I couldn't agree with you more about being cautious and patient! I had repeat surgery for PTTD. ... (6 replies)
... ble to react quickly enough if your own child ran out in the road in front you then you may drive. I decided to defer a couple weeks more. By the way, just had bunionectomy , fusions, and etc. I am doing great but still have my feet elevated on only minimal weight bearing. I am being extremely cautious as this is repeat surgery. ... (6 replies)

... and it appears I have a stress fracture, probably from where the cut was made for the bunionectomy in September. He thinks I just overloaded my foot when I increased the incline on my treadmill. ... (8 replies)
... Totally normal (I'm 5 months post-op on my first foot, 3 weeks on my second). Are you in physical therapy? That helps IMMENSELY. It's swelling now because you're using it, and all the muscles that had atrophied are being put to use. Ice it after a day of use, elevate it, and stretch your calves, ankles, and especially that toe. Bend it back (keep your thumb joint at your... (2 replies)
... So....we dropped off a ton of stuff at Goodwill today and put our air-conditioners in the windows, grocery shopped, went to IKEA and got another remote control for our lamps - this little device really comes in handy - you can put all your lighting on channels and just turn on or off (or dim/bright) that channel! Great when you're NWB, let me tell you. Got my Rolleraid... (20 replies)
... I was posting when my computer went nuts...if this a repeat pose sorry. I was saying that I have had it happen each time I have had foot surgery...this was my 5th. I always thought it was nerves... ... (17 replies)
... but that it wouldn't turn much, and it hasn't. Like many of you, I'm watching closely because I'm afraid of losing any ground and having to repeat this process. Thankfully, at 3 months I think it's moved all it's going to. ... (7 replies)
... I'm thinking that it would make sense to get it over with in one motion, rather than have to recover from one and then prepare all over again for a repeat performance....not to mention the additional time off from work. I don't sit at a desk and I can't wear just any kind of shoes to work. ... (1 replies)
... Has anyone ever had to repeat a bunionectomy? ... (3 replies)
... You may have read other responses by me in regards to flat feet, bunions and surgery, but if you have not, I will repeat. I had flat feet for years as well as bunions and hammer toes and weak ankles and I thought it was something that runs in my family. Years ago, I had the bunions and hammer toes taken care of, but a couple of years ago, I could see that one foot was going... (14 replies)
... correct my foot and joint because I was so young and he didn't want me to have to repeat that surgery in another 10 or 15 years. ... (9 replies)
... I have had all my toes straightened and pinned and have also had bunionectomies on both great toes. I had a repeat bunionectomy on my left foot and have also had both great toes fused. ... (6 replies)
... I actually took the NWB rule very seriously. I did not find it that big a deal to stay off my feet for two weeks, but as Iíve said, preparation and support are essential for a successful recovery. I spent most of the time in bed. I had a small fridge with water, snacks, & ice packs within my reach. Before the surgery, I gathered other snacks, a lap tray, books, magazines,... (17 replies)
... So sorry to hear you have to have repeat bunionectomy surgery. I just had a complicated bunion surgery. I went to two doctors for consults before deciding on a doctor. ... (12 replies)
... Hi Rose :wave: It's Carol Here are the PT exercises posted by Joll43. I hope that is what you were looking for. To answer the first question: At this point (I've been off crutches for about 5 weeks after major bunionectomy): -I ride the recumbent bike for 15 minutes - level 4-5 -I walk BACKWARDS on the treadmill at an incline of 14, speed of 1.3mph for 6 min. (5 replies)
... To answer the first question: At this point (I've been off crutches for about 5 weeks after major bunionectomy): -I ride the recumbent bike for 15 minutes - level 4-5 -I walk BACKWARDS on the treadmill at an incline of 14, speed of 1.3mph for 6 min. -My therapist does the hands-on work w/my foot, pressing to flex, working my toe to its full range of motion, both... (11 replies)
... Well I visited with a podiatrist who pretty much confirmed that I had a bad outcome. My x-rays indicated that though the "bumps" are gone, the bones moved right back, so big toe is now pointing inward and starting to overlap second toes on both feet. And they were both straight after surgery and I had pins until the 6 week point. My original surgeon had no clear explanation as... (8 replies)
... knuckle, not the smaller knuckle close to the top of the toe. Repeat this for five minutes and do the exercises three times a day. ... (5 replies)
... ole load before you have your second bunionectomy. This board has some real horror stories of people who've tried to rush their second surgery, only to have to repeat the surgery on their first foot because it wasn't ready to handle the load. ... (13 replies)

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