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... Hi, just looking for folks who have recovered from combo surgery: heel osteotomy for flat foot, and bunionectomy. Surgery was 10/22. I am into second week and off pain meds but I have tingling and numbness a lot of the day, and have a hard time getting comfortable, no matter how I raise the foot. I am in a cast and will be for 6 - 8 weeks, then in a cast boot until a six... (0 replies)
... I had some numbness in toes and top of foot near toes post-surgery. It has slowly gotten better (4 months post-op) and is almost back to normal. My doc said it may not recover 100% but should cause no problems. (24 replies)
... So sorry you are having these issues. I'm three weeks post op. I too get numbness and I get a lot of tightening and pain at my bunionectomy site. I'm going crazy. ... (24 replies)

... So sorry you are having these issues. I'm three weeks post open. I too get numbness and I get a lot of tightening and pain at my bunionectomy site. I'm going crazy. ... (24 replies)
... Today is the day. I will have the lapidus bunionectomy surgery done. While I know I need to have it, I am nervous and scared about the pain and recovery. ... (5 replies)
... op recovery. I will be having the surgery on an outpatient basis so I will head home the same day as my surgery. ... (3 replies)
... I wanted to write a thorough "review" of my surgery to hopefully help those who are as scared as I was for my buinonectomy. ... (0 replies)
... I know the recovery and how much time until I'm weight bearing seems really fast, but my friend said she had very little pain and healed as quickly as he said she should so.... ... (26 replies)
... op. I had an austin bunionectomy and was able to walk in my boot almost directly after the procedure. I only needed crutches for the first few days following surgery. ... (6 replies)
... It's amazing to me how different all the drs. treat recovery. My dr. told me that he was more conservative than most. I know what you mean rosal. The first 2 days after the dr. told me to weight bear, I was petrified. It's been 5 days and I can walk with a big limp with NO crutches....although I'm using one crutch most of the time. My foot is extremely swollen too. They... (26 replies)
... progress is slow and just takes time. Also, that we have to just hang in there and be patient. I had been feeling isolated in this unique "hell" that is bunion surgery recovery. I've been working so hard to maintain a stiff upper lip. It can feel pretty lonely. ... (9 replies)
... I had a ptt transfer, calcaneal osteotomy, gastroc recession and bunionectomy done on october 25th. I feel your pain! ... (111 replies)
... I am searching for a doctor to perform surgery on my hammer toe. Today I saw Dr. Moy as suggested by a friend. He is the fourth doctor that I have seen regarding my surgery. ... (73 replies)
... Residual swelling can last for a long time. It's hard to give you a time frame because everyone's body reacts differently to surgery but I had a bunionectomy and hammertoe correction and had minimal residual swelling up to a year after my surgery. ... (4 replies)
... free recuperation. While it is known that the recovery from bunion surgery can be very difficult and the pain excruciating, I had no need for any pain pills and was on my feet for limited periods the first week. ... (73 replies)
... As a person with a princess stomach (as well as princess feet!) I would recommend going as gently as possible on any of those meds. They can be very helpful but studies have shown that in many cases a much less expensive and less harsh drug worked just as well. Work your way from Tylenol to Advil to one of the whoppers and stop where you get relief. Once you've torn up... (18 replies)
... I can't wish you a speedy recovery because I know this will take time. ... (73 replies)
... I think I may have made a big mistake. I may have allowed my podiatrist do simple bunion surgery on my feet when I should have had Decompression Osteotomy surgery. I would like to hear what people here have to say. ... (6 replies)
...'s like the carpentry "Z" slicing of the metatarsal, then they slide it over, put screws on each end and trim off the extra bone of the outer side. Sounds like yours will take slightly more time than mine since mine will be strictly bunionectomy. Best of luck with yours! Take care! (50 replies)
... I'll be having the bunionectomy and arthroplasty to correct my flexible hammer toes. ... (50 replies)

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