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... Woohoo Joanals! I took my first few steps too, although my foot doesn't feel ready to run, I had no pain! I can't ever remember running pain free, it is so exciting! Mommarunner - I had a different procedure than you so I don't have much advice. It is a long recovery and the first few weeks are the most important in recovery. Those are the weeks when you'll be most off your... (149 replies)
... driving clause is the only thing I don't like about this deal. I honesty feel like I might be able to try soon... what is the timeline like MB? ... (42 replies)
... I had a Chevron Osteotomy bunionectomy on my right foot 13 days ago. I am due for a follow up on Wednesday with my orthopedic surgeon. ... (5 replies)

... I've read a couple of websites now that say that bunionectomy can actually CAUSE a worse problem with this area. Great.... ... (16 replies)
... Dennis, That's great. Never heard of it. Your surgery sounds like mine - I have a screw to straighten the toe as well. Then also have a pin in the next toe to correct the hammertoe, which will be removed. And then he stretched the ligament on back of my leg as well - all part of the biomechanical problems that led to the bunion, etc in the first place. So what is the... (8 replies)
... occupy their time and how long it took to get more mobile. I have a "roll about" but I'm not using it yet. Also, for those that are farther along...what is the timeline for walking and getting back to normal. Did anyone do floor exercises, leg lifts, and light weights to stay in shape? ... (17 replies)
... Kathy~ Sorry you're having trouble this weekend. :( I know you were looking forward to a nice one. I hope and pray that today is better for you. Other S/S of infection, your Doc would have noted only if he had seen you after the onset: localized heat, redness, swelling, eventually seeping of blood and/or pus, increased white count, and elevated sed rate, requiring a blood... (192 replies)
... My surgery was April 25, Got stitches out yesterday. :bouncing: I am on several boards so I dont remember if I told you this or if I told posted it somewhere else. I am so proud of you. You go girl. Sounds like you have great friends too. We should "Pimp" them shoes to make them look better for women at least. If I ever have to wear them again I am going to add some fake... (192 replies)
... My doctor hasn't given me a timeline of anything yet. All I know is that I go on May 17th to get the stitches out. I'm sure I'll have to keep wearing these fancy shoes. ... (192 replies)
... most doctors don't recommend the double for several reasons. The biggest is you can't walk at all (with one at a time you can at least use crutchest). You will definitely want a wheelchair unless you are not going to move far from your bed. Since I don't know the specifics of your surgery (you mentioned something about cutting the tendons?) it's hard to give details. You... (192 replies)
... Esther, I have not added my 2 cents yet because I knew so many others were closer to you on their recovery timeline. I had my bunion surgeries 15 years ago and I still remember the **bone** swelling which took what seemed to be forever to go down. It really can take almost a year!! From what I have heard, the use of compression stockings will help the swelling to be... (10 replies)
... Hi Mariposa! I am glad you are starting to feel back to normal too! It's odd your doctor feels that the ibuprofen can delay bone healing, though I've noticed that different doctors all have very different approaches. In any case, I'm glad that's helping too. To answer your questions (but please bear in mind there are many different types of bunion surgery and my recovery... (3 replies)
... I finally have my stitches out. My feet feel much better without them. I got to see my feet for the first time without all the dressings. My toes are some swollen, but very little. I feel as though I am looking at someone else's feet. I go back on Friday at 3 wks to get my pins out. It is amazing the difference in treatment and advise each doctor gives. I started the thread... (7 replies)
... It seems like the pin issue varies widely..we all must have slightly different situations..I had one external pin with my left foot that was on the top of my foot, but only for one week and I never even saw it, as it was under lots of bandages. My right foot, for some reason, did not require a pin. The Dr. said during surgery, he decides if it needs a pin and my right foot... (6 replies)
... I'm hoping I'll get my pins out at 6 weeks. Doc says that at this point bones in the foot have healed (typically). He may need to take them out earlier if they start to become irritated, which apparently does happen at the 3 week post-op period (my current state). Regardless, before pins come out, doc wants an x-ray to confirm bones have knit. I suppose driving is a question... (6 replies)
... Friday will be my 2 week check up from bilateral bunionectomy. When did everyone get their pins out ( I have 2 external pins 1 ea 2nd toe) and at what week of post-op were you given the O.K. to drive? In addition to rubbing those scars to flaten them, you also want to keep them out of the sun this summer. As long as the scar is still red in color, it should not get any sun... (6 replies)
... Mine was a double bunionectomy and I'm at the 3rd week. I didn't have the hammer toe correction and I think that makes a big difference. I hobbled out to the kitchen around the 4th day. ... (2 replies)
... I found a great website that shows computer animations of different bunionectomy procedures! Just search the word "bunionectomy procedure" and click the link to Physician Webpages. ... (18 replies)
... My first bunionectomy was in High School. ... (11 replies)
... Am getting around on crutches now, and will be doing so through my sixth week. Speak with your MD and get an honest timeline of your upcoming recuperation. Based on my own experience, I can't imagine being back on my feet without crutches 4 weeks post surgery. ... (5 replies)

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