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Toe Exercises
Feb 6, 2004
... and it is safe for me to "really push it" and he actually encouraged me to, in order to recapture some of my lost mobility. He said to do the exercises "a lot" and to go for increasing range of motion, and not to feel I need to "baby it. ... (3 replies)
... I do not believe I have a malunion as my bone are 100 healed according to two doctors. I do alot of amassage, and toe exercises daily. Probably more than is needed as I stress over this foot. I will definitely search on it. ... (5 replies)
... op. My dr did not start toe exercises this early. I wouldn't worry about spaces and not touching the floor til all swelling is done. But I would raise any and all concerns I have with the dr. ... (2 replies)

... on my right foot in 2008, and the same surgery on my left foot two weeks ago. I too felt new pains when I started the toe exercises. You will continue to feel new sensations and pangs as you start to use your foot more. ... (2 replies)
... I am now a week post surgery after having a bunionectomy on my left foot. The first week went by with no major issues. The pain mess and numbness really helped. ... (2 replies)
... xrays every 2 week?! CRIKEY. I went in at 12 days for cast off and stitches out and was told to not return for FIVE weeks. Not much post op care there is there! I ended up booking in with my community nurse for the dressing changes. So ya still not walking off crutches at 6 week? Im due back at work next wednesday. I highly doubt that because if I have crutches still I wont... (26 replies)
... weight bearing for 5 weeks, heel bearing 1 week, and now partial weight bearing with crutches. My foot is extremely swollen and the toe exercises are almost impossible. My big toe looks like it is also starting to pull inward since I've been walking on it. ... (26 replies)
... Really tired this first day without the boot and doctor said keep doing the toe exercises they really work. ... (149 replies)
... umb for 5 weeks. They throb and ache after the ROM exercises. I am wearing a running shoe in the house and the "boot". Have had no discomfort until I started the toe exercises, did not have pins, just screws. ... (149 replies)
... I had a bunionectomy and hammer toe surgery on right foot on June 9. All went well, no pins, 2 tiny screws in the big toe, 4 inch incision. Some numbness over the scar. ... (149 replies)
... highs and put those on. With this humidity, I wonder if my leg and foot will swell more so I will see how this works. I, too, am doing the ROM toe exercises and my toe is stiff but I can see some ease of movement. ... (149 replies)
... I started doing ankle circles around 10 days post op. I did them gently but I now have good movement in my ankles. The toe exercises I started doing after 2 weeks and it is just pulling the big tow towards me in a stretch to begin to get flexibility in it. ... (149 replies)
... Ohhhh....don't tell me that! a full year???? I guess though it's too late to turn back now! @ Joanals10: the only reason I'm weight bearing is because I have an external fixator....otherwise I'd be on crutches for 6 weeks+. I walked on the side of my foot last night around home...just to clean up a bit around the house. I know I shouldn't but it's driving me crazy! My dr.... (149 replies)
... I am also doing some of the toe exercises. Four weeks down! ... (149 replies)
... and that I didn't have much swelling. I got a bandage change and started my toe exercises. I forgot how much those hurt the first few days! ... (149 replies)
... for at least several more weeks. I had my Dr. appointment yesterday and had new bandages put on. My toes are really swollen but my toe exercises are giving my big toe more flexibility. My right leg is so weird looking with so much muscle mass gone. ... (149 replies)
... how stiff my my big toe is! I suppose it is normal, but the way it feels right now it seems as if it may never loosen up. ... (11 replies)
... good luck Jane I live on a .2 circle - planning on getting back up to speed on that before I venture out of the neighborhood on our usual 3/4mile walk have only begun the toe exercises - since Im now doing my own daily bandage I can see what Im bending or not bending (16 replies)
... It's important to start bending the toe joints, with your hand at first, many times a day. It will be stiff and will hurt. ... (16 replies)
... Thanks. I sometimes wonder if this surgery is harder on those who were so active prior to it. I ran daily. Like you, I'm doing the toe exercises; etc. regularly. Hot water therapy helps add to the better motion. I have these wide hiking boots that I wear that add great stability as I learn to walk on my left foot again. I'm amazed at how weak it became, in such a short... (10 replies)

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