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Nov 20, 2007
... first 3 days post surgery, it was easier for me to crawl to the bathroom, rather than put on the walking boots and grab the crutches. I did hold my feet off the floor when crawling. ... (25 replies)
Nov 17, 2007
... about 12 weeks ago. I am 26 years old and have had bunions since I was about 12 years old. My doctor said I have to have this base procedure, if I did not my bunions would come back in a short time. I am having several problems though. ... (25 replies)
Bunions x2?
Aug 26, 2007
... gh. I have a friend who can come in afterwards the first day but beyond that I'm on my own and all my familly are far away. On the plus side I live on the ground floor and am wheel chair accesable which I assume I'll need for a few days. ... (10 replies)

Bunions for life?
Jun 20, 2006
... but have had bunions since i was in my late teens. i saw a podiatrist about 12 years ago, who told me that 1. he could cut off the bunions, but they'd only grow back, and 2. ... (10 replies)
... Maybe I could try them in case my doc does not have me do pt. Also, when I put my feet flat on the floor and try to walk it feels like an electrical shock running through my feet. Could that be the pins? ... (4 replies)
... Hi Cindylou - sounds like you are doing really well & are right on track! I had a dual bunionectomy & with bunions & bunionettes removed. (Add a few pins, some bone cuts on the big toes & whoola!). I was having trouble with some toes touching the floor when walking (which I was totally freaked out about).... I was doing stretching exercises daily on my own from about week 3... (4 replies)
... I'm 6 weeks post op right foot bunion surgery. My little toes flex pretty good, but the big toe is still stiff. Flexes up pretty well but not much downward movement. When I'm barefooted it does not touch the floor. Hopefully that will improve in the future. I have pain at the base of the big toe which I think must be where the screws are located. The incision is a little... (4 replies)
... and I was supposed to be able to use the heel of that foot following surgery. I tried once. . . and after that that foot didnt go near the floor for 4 days till my first post op apt when the doc gave me an air cast. And even than I still used the crutches and scooched as much as possible. ... (7 replies)
... How's it going for you by now? (2 replies)
... my bunions were a 9. ... (2 replies)
... d never paid any attention to it until everything caught up to me. I had NO padding on the bottom of my feet, so found it very difficult to walk across hardwood floor and it keep getting worse as time went on. Since being treated by this man, I now have nice padding compared to what I did before. ... (14 replies)
Bunion Surgery
Mar 20, 2013
... I don't think your feet could be any worse than mine were and it is something that runs in the family. I had the bunions taken care of a number of years ago and had I known then what I know now, I would NEVER have let the orthopedic man cut into me. ... (6 replies)
... r a non event. I stiffen up during the night and while sitting and it takes a while to loosen up. I always wear Crocs flip flops in the shower because the tile floor is too hard and I am afraid I might slip and fall. When standing on my bad foot to shave my legs, I always try to put most of my weight on my good foot. ... (8 replies)
... orthotics. They are money makers for the podiatrists. You may feel better when you first get them, but in the long run they make your muscles very, very weak. Bunions and hammer toes are caused by weak muscles because your whole leg is thrown off right up to the hips. ... (10 replies)
... Look up Brian Copeland's Core Fitness on the web. I discovered it later this morning. Scroll down until you come to plantar facia. His articles before that are VERY good. (9 replies)
... I cannot tell you as to why you had pain in your foot and in your arch, but maybe the plantar facia is so tight that you may have to go through some pain. Keep in mind, that I am no dr.and am only telling you from my own experience. If you do some exercises every day, maybe twice a day, eventually, those muscles and tendons should loosen up. A massage would also help. Yes,... (9 replies)
... mg soon as my legs starts pulling and my toes stops being curled the pain in my foot arch and lower leg to heel feels terrible, to stop the pain i need to sit on floor and with legs out straight point my toes to touch the floor this now feels better is this right ? ... (9 replies)
... I'm 17 and have very flat feet that are products of genetics. I have bunions (that are just getting worse) on both feet and my big toes point drastically inward, so much that my 2nd and 3rd toes are slanted sideways trying to avoid contact with each other. Anyway, I've never been able to run very far or be active without pain. We (parents, doctors, myself) attributed this to... (2 replies)
Pain in both feet
May 22, 2012
... tons of things that cause sore feet. I remember I had to take a week off work a few years ago after I volunteered at an event where I had to stand on a concrete floor for about 12 hours a day. My feet were so sore, swelled and they really hurt. I would first check with your doctor and get them checked out. Good luck. ... (4 replies)
... h. However, when all my other bruises and pains from the accident went away but my foot still hurt, I went to see a podiatrist who had operated on my daughter's bunions when she was in high school. ... (2 replies)

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