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... ectomy surgery.....something like a car or ski accident would have been easier to talk about! I've been embarassed by my ugly feet since my late teens when the bunions became more apparent. ... (18 replies)
... I've had the bunions since I can remember, they don't bother me as much as some of the reports I've heard from other people. ... (7 replies)
... and platar faciltis. Yikes I feel for the younger ones writing in i have had bunions forever but they just started to hurt this last year so i'm going in for surgery in 2 weeks. ... (2 replies)

... I have some doubt and questions about bunions. I was wonder if anyone out there can help me, I am 17 years old and for years I've had bad feet. I suffered from bunions and over the years they have got much bigger and painfully. I am very embarrassed by the way my feet look. ... (4 replies)
Aug 14, 2003
... mixed up on why my feet are so out of shape and 2 how big and deformed can bunions actully get? ... (5 replies)
... All it seems is that everyone on this message boards talks about bunions. There are more severe problems (ex.amputee of the foot and what its like to go though that). So there are more problems with the foot than bunions I know bunions are painful and they hurt but c'mon that is everybody talks about on the healthboard lets discuss my problem amputee on one foot and total... (5 replies)
May 17, 2003
... Hello, everyone! I have been reading these posts and am encouraged by how helpful and supportive you all are. I am a 52 y.o. woman (going on 16) with severe structural bunions. These just get worse over time, and are caused by unstable feet, which are hereditary. My orthotics, which have served me well for the past 12 years, are just not enough any more, especially after the... (29 replies)
... I have bunions and hammer toe and is considering surgrey soon. ... (0 replies)
... Hi. I've done some research about bunions, but have actually found some different definitions. If someone could tell me exactly what they are that would be great. thanks, Jenn (5 replies)
... Okay, I just found out this week that I do, in fact, have bunions on both sides of both feet. I'm just now researching exactly what they are and what the solutions for them are. ... (14 replies)
... and i thourght it was ok and just my feet changing shape, but god to day they are huge biger than iv ever seen and i think the bunions are filled with a bursa , i cant belive it they dont hurt very much tho why are they growing back so fast? ... (5 replies)
... 1. I have bunions (due to flat-feet); my podiatrist said that my bones are still well-connected, so he doesn't recommend surgery. How can I keep my bunions from getting worse (beside wearing my orthotics), and how do I keep the discomfort of them down? 2. What do plantar's warts look like? I think that I have three on my right foot. How can I get rid of them... (0 replies)
... my 3rd toes and i cant move my big toes very well,is this due to the bunions or have i got some thing als wrong,i must say i do neglect my feet becase i sqash my bunions into shoes thats a bit tight but at 17 i dont want to wear ugly flat granny shoes. ... (0 replies)
... I had bunion surgery on both feet last summer and a hammertoe repair on my right foot. I still have bunions and a hammertoe! I am not pleased! ... (2 replies)
... One of the bunions started coming back. I am no doctor, but can tell you, if you get into some strengthening exercises, it will really help. ... (5 replies)
... Doing research on metatarsalgia it is pretty obvious the bunions are what causes my issues so am I wrong in thinking that without correcting the bunions I will just continue to suffer with this problem? ... (5 replies)
... I had been flat footed all my life until I came across a man who studied body mechanics, who worked at a gym I used to go to. As flat footed as I was, I was very athletic and then all of a sudden, my weakness in the feet caught up to me. I have been working with this man for quit some time and now have beautiful arches. If I were you, I would get into some strengthening... (9 replies)
... getting a trainer or going into yoga of some sort. I was walking only on my bones, if you can believe it. Now, I have nice padding on my feet. Years ago, I had bunions removed and if I had known, then, what I know now, about strengthening, I never would have let a doctor touch me. Good luck. ... (2 replies)
... d nice straight toes. Before doing any exercises, I would give my feet a good rest and, above all, I would not let him cut into me!! the only reason people have bunions is because things are out of line due to weakness. Had I known years ago, what I have learned, I NEVER would have let someone remove my bunions. ... (2 replies)
... I had foot surgery April 2016. Bunions removed from big toe and little toe - also had bone chips taken out of arthritic big toe joint; bones in foot shortened and pinned to relieve pressure on big and little toes. In November 2016, had a cortisone shot in big toe joint (toe felt "stiff" as though it was swollen and had difficulty moving it and it was painful). That shot... (1 replies)

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