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... separators keep bunions from getting worse? ... (3 replies)
Bunions...and more
May 14, 2007
... right now I guess we are in the same boat. I had Tailors bunions and had the 4th and 5th metatarsals corrected because of my hammer toes which were caused by the bunions. I am also on crutches right now. ... (6 replies)
Bunions...and more
May 12, 2007
... :wave: Hello, I'm new to this website! A friend suggested I sign up because it was helpful to her after her foot surgery a couple of years ago... I not only have bunions, but both my feet have "1st metatarsal hypermobility" which requires screws to stabilize the bones. I had one foot done last Wednesday and am now looking forward (??) to 30 days on crutches, then another... (6 replies)

... I have the same questions. If your bunions are caused by genetics, will they grow back? ... (5 replies)
... I kind of put my vote on genetics....ALL the women on my mother's side of the family had horrible bunions, going back several generations. Mother, aunts, grandmother, sister. And not all of them worse pointy cowboy boots or heels the way I did. (Which of course made my pre-op condition worse than their feet ever had been). Marianne (5 replies)
... Shoes DO cause bunions. Shoes DON'T cause bunions. Underlying bone genetics cause bunions but tight shoes make them develop faster. Nope, don't blame shoes blame pronation. ... (5 replies)
... I can tell you that I lived with two bunions for 40 years. They weren't very painful, just some Ibu or Tylenol sometimes. I knew I'd need surgery sometime, but I was waiting for the right time. ... (16 replies)
... I completely agree with you. I am 10 days post-op double bunionectomy (surgery was Aug 22nd) and was back to work a week later (Aug 29th). I was walking by Aug 26th. But I have hard casts that they padded more under the big toe joint so I don't have any choice but to walk on my heels and outsides of my feet. I also have post-op shoes over my casts since the casts aren't... (16 replies)
... probably contributed to me developing bunions and then of course, once I had bunions, the discrepancy became even worse and my feet were extremely sensitive to anything remotely uncomfortable. ... (2 replies)
... thats how i feel...i have had bunions for 11 years, im only 25, i had them removed 2 years ago, but they are back twice as big and twice as painfull. ... (2 replies)
... I'm 24 years old and I've had bunions for as long as I can remember. While normally they don't bother me, the one on my right foot is getting worse every year. ... (2 replies)
... One problem I had, that many others probably share, was that the front part of my foot was much wider than the heel part. I had a terrible time finding shoes which were roomy enough in the front that weren't WAY too loose in the back. Wearing toe separators not only sounds a bit uncomfortable (and impossible with sandals, while going barefoot, etc.), but would have made me... (4 replies)
... As my bunions grew larger, my big toes turned in more and more-- Eventually they went so far over that they went under the next toes, making them also become deformed. If I had had bunion surgery earlier, I'd not only saved myself years of pain (not to mention putting up with ugly and hard-to-fit feet), but I'd only have had to have bunionectomies instead of those and... (16 replies)
... It is true you don't want to let it get too out of hand, because my surgeon told me that once bunions get beyond a certain point, they require a more complicated surgery with much longer recovery. ... (16 replies)
... orthotics can help slow progession, but they don't prevent them, but I still wear them every day. I wouldn't go on what your bunions look like though, my mom had bad pain with hers, but yet if you looked at them you hardly noticed she had them! What I WOULD go by is how much pain you are in. ... (16 replies)
... I also asked if jumping rope or doing gymnastics will make the bunions worse or progress faster, he said NO. He also said NO to those activities making a bunion come back after surgery. ... (16 replies)
... I have not heard of bunions reversing but you can stop it from getting worse with proper footwear, perhaps orthotics. ... (1 replies)
... This is probably a very naive question, I don't know much about bunions, but can they go away or fix themselves on their own? I started getting pain in my big toe joint about four months ago. I went to the doctor and he x-rayed it and said everything looked fine, that maybe it's a form of arthritis (I'm 33). That was back in April. But in the past couple of weeks I noticed... (1 replies)
... says my bunions are what they call "friendly" still, so the surgery is relatively simple and recovery time is short. ... (7 replies)
Bunions for life?
Jun 21, 2006
... Heather.. my understanding is that you always wear orthotics.. before and after.. especially if they are caused by the mechanics of your foot (and not years of wearing heels for example). I have had 3 surgeries.. My first surgery was scheduled right away because of how bad of a bunionette I had.. but then my doc prescribed me the orthotics afterwards.. I've been wearing them... (10 replies)

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