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... tear in each foot at the ball of the foot. I'm told that this is from overuse and bunions shifting the way I bear weight. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, I had the Lapidus procedure done on my right foot in June 2007 for a severe bunion. I can answer any questions you have about the surgery. Unfortunately this type of surgery is the more invasive type. You may have read about other procedures on this board for mild and moderate bunions. People seem to get back on their feet pretty quickly and return to their normal... (6 replies)
Bunion Surgery
Jan 16, 2008
... My bunions are heredity from my mom. I hate them! I am just hoping I will be happy if I have surgery. The doc told me it will just get worse. ... (11 replies)

Bunion Surgery
Jan 15, 2008
... I have a very similar situation to yours. I am 24 and have had bunions my whole life due to genetics and dancing. I've always hated my feet and I finally went to a podiatrist last year. ... (11 replies)
... I also believe expensive shoes do help a great deal with protecting your feet and I have always worn shoes that were wide and comfortable. I caught my bunions because I used to do ballet when I was younger. ... (240 replies)
... Hi, All of your posts are really helpful. I am a dancer, a salsa dancer , meaning I dance in heels and it is essential sometimes to performance. Some dancers have bunions and others do not, which leads me to believe what most podiatrists say--bunions are not caused by heels, but exacerbated by heels, with the origin of the bunion coming from faulty mechanics of the foot.... (240 replies)
... You may not need to wear custom orthodics, at least not all the time. I am a great believer in orthodics, but there are some pretty good ones that you can get over-the-counter that will fit in most shoes, including many dress shoes. I usually wear them when I am doing a lot of walking or am going to be standing for a long time. However, I have no trouble doing without them... (240 replies)
... PLEASE!!! Use an OS for this operation. Mark Myerson at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore is probably one of the best. I had both bunions removed by a podiatrist and the second operation was a disaster. I have to wear special orthotics to compensate for the poor "carpentry". ... (17 replies)
... i am so sorry to hear your story. i dont know if you can sue the 1st dr. the screws have to be fixed and it can happen that bunions return. i dont understand which toes do not move, but you have to do something about that. do you feel any pain at all? ... (3 replies)
... of the way out! It is not painful but you can see it through the skin. The xrays also revealed that both bunions returned! ... (3 replies)
... (22 replies)
... In regards to my toe angling, my bunions weren't bad prior to the surgery but they were painful. ... (240 replies)
... RE: There is one thing I am a bit concerned about and I did mention it before, when I wear a sock, sneakers (Wide) or lean on the big toe when I sleep, after I notice the toe leans a little towards the other toes and my second toe it slightly on top of the big toe, a little over the toe nail. When I start walking barefoot or do the exercises it goes back to its normal... (240 replies)
... I would have surgery on both areas of both feet at once IF support could be arranged. Do you have an old friend who may be currently unemployed, a retired aunt, or anyone like that who could come and stay with you for a week or two? (Preferably two.) How about having the surgery done during the summer and hiring a teenager or college student to stay with you and help out... (2 replies)
... I'm sorry you are having these issues. It can be frustrating! As for injections for the neuroma, cortizone ones will not kill it. Alcohol injections can be successful for some. Typically though, removal is the usual "final cure." I had one removed several years ago and it was very successful. As for doing the bunion and the neuroma at the same time, I would do it and... (2 replies)
... Anni, When are you scheduled for your bunionectomies? I am also having both done (next week) and have set up lots of fun things to do within reach of bed. Its a bit of an adventure, the research, the planning, the journey thru recovery. This place is wonderful, its like we're all in this together! (18 replies)
... I had a very positive experience-- Underwent a double bunionectomy (and hammertoe surgeries) a year and half ago. Wore surgical sandals for two weeks, then moved into a pair of large gym shoes. Spent a lot of time icing and elevating for a few weeks, but was able to walk when necessary from Day One and a fair amount by eight weeks. Felt pretty normal by three months, totally... (5 replies)
... :angel:Hi, I'm so glad I saw your question, because, I'm an OR nurse and I see a LOT of bunionectomies done. First of all, let me say that you're brave for having BOTH feet done at once. I understand the logic behind it--"I might as well have both feet done at once, get the pain over with for both feet, then I'll be done with it". I assume you have lots of people... (18 replies)
... Anni, The type of procedure depends on how severe the bunion is (how big it is, how much it makes your big toe point inward, etc). It also depends on how active you are. Now, a bunion isn't just a bump or growth on your big toe so the doctor will have to do more than just "take it out" or shave it down. Usually, the doctor will cut off a small piece of bone (the part that... (18 replies)
... no sorry thats all i know but ive been on every website i can find! (18 replies)

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