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... In addition to my arches burning on my surgical foot I am also having burning on the arch of my good foot. ... (0 replies)
... The pain I have and have had for about 2 years is an intense burning pain starting from the inside of my arch by my big toe wrapping around my heel behind my ankle bone and sometimes on a bad day the pain extends into the side of my calf. ... (24 replies)
... burst of energy then be wiped out for rest of day. As far as pain. I had the burning heel pain around week 2 and then again week 4, I had cast changed at both those times to make sure something wasn't wrong. ... (9 replies)

... m 2 weeks post flatfoot reconstruction which included Midfoot Arthrodesis, Ankle tendon suture, and Tendon Gastrocnemius recession. Was fortunate to not have my heel worked on. ... (9 replies)
... Has anyone dealt with foreign object removal from their heel? If so, has your heel been able to heal to 100%? Are you dealing with any problematic scar tissue on your heel? How long did it take to resolve for you? I'm eager to get back to deadlifts and squats at the gym and hoping someone can share a positive recovery story. Here's what happened: July 5, 2015, I... (6 replies)
... ar faciitis and it's totally different than this. Yes, I had to do stretches and they really helped. It took about two years. This is a different kind of pain, a burning in the heels and ONLY when I'm laying down. ... (2 replies)
... I'm definitely not a doctor, but that sounds like plantar fasciitis. I had that a few years back, and got over it by doing a lot of stretching.(standing on a stair and lifting myself with my feet). Mornings were the worst for me. You can also get night braces and socks to hold them in position at night. (2 replies)
... For the last few years, I have burning pain in my heels when I am lying down for a few hours. When I get up and walk around, it goes away and I have no pain during the day. ... (2 replies)
... ast...going on 5 weeks NWB........ortho dr. said everthing looks good so far, but my foot and scar is pretty ugly at this point. Not a whole lot of pain, just a burning sensation on incision and a numbing heel? ... (6 replies)
... Yes, it was the incision on the bottom of my heel that drove me crazy. I was shocked when I got the cast off and it looked "normal." Even once I was back in shoes, it still bothered me some. ... (7 replies)
... nds who are nurses say they look great. Maybe I will try padding it a bit more and see what happens...Right now, I only have an ace bandage over the back of the heel and a gauze pad plus the ace bandage over the other incisions. I have an appointment next Monday for xrays, so I will also talk to the surgeon about it then. ... (7 replies)
... uh oh. I didn't phrase the bit about heel placement well. You SHOULD always keep the heel suspended and not resting on anything. ... (7 replies)
... I had almost the same surgery in December, and had similar pain. I was convinced my cast was rubbing on my heel, but when I got it off there was absolutely nothing there. My surgery was almost 10 months ago and I still get some nerve pain along my incisions, though nothing like what it was the first few weeks. (7 replies)
... PTTD surgery. Exact one you had except, replace evans with Lapidus and no bone marrow asp. I had a lot of nerve pain, especially during week 2. I had a lot of heel pain from resting my foot on the heel. I was out of my splint at day 10 and into a boot. the boot did not have as much padding and it made my hell area soar. ... (7 replies)
... nce. When I came to in Recovery, my nerve block hadn't taken. So they put me out again to readminister it. I woke up later in my room and THINK I remember my heel propped on a pillow. ... (7 replies)
... irritated sensation over the 2 incisions closest to the back of my heel when anything touches them. ... (7 replies)
... I would have lots of other symptoms. he went on to assure me it isn't a trapped nerve because that would have me experiencing tingling, numbness and a very hot burning pain. ... (28 replies)
... I had the burning pain with the slightest touch causing me excruciating pain immediately following surgery until about 4 or 5 weeks post surgery when the burning sensation started to calm down and slowly the pain with touch changed to more of an electic tingle sensation. ... (20 replies)
... All of the pain has gone except for the heel pain. It hurts to put weight on the morning it's hardly noticable but by evening if I have spent a good bit of time on my feet that day... ... (6 replies)
... sed a warm wash cloth a couple times a day and baby lotion. It responded much better to that. Three of my incisions have healed really well, but the one on my heel is very black and blue and still very sensitive. ... (6 replies)

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