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... every 4 hours for about 5 days. After that, I did not even need to take regular Tylenol. I felt burning and discomfort for quite a while but not "pain". ... (2 replies)
... Two things to try, rub some Lavender EO into the area that hurts, then massage the soreness out with your fingers, deep pressure, & yes it should hurt while your doing this, also while in Ireland look for a massage therapist that does sports massage that will center on your legs. (5 replies)
... sharp feeling across the front and around the malleolus with walking especially when I push off or when my toes are turned out slightly. My arches have also been burning with prolonged walking or standing. I have a trip that has been planned for a long time to go hiking in ireland. ... (5 replies)

... My foot never felt right after surgery. It then became even more painful on the inside of the ankle. I had intense burning pain that was later diagnosed as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. It also jumped into my other foot. I would say stifness can last 3 months or more. ... (18 replies)
... Burning pain on inside of ankle and pain into the arch area. Also some pain goes into the ankle as well. CRPS is a possibility , as so is a revision surgery. Correct abbreviation for that dorsal root stimulator is DRS. CPRS can be caused by surgery. I hope you don't have that as it can spread. Told not to use ice. (18 replies)
... I had the dressings removed on Tuesday. All of my burning pain went away. The 6" incision was not fully closed but the 18 staples were removed anyway. ... (7 replies)
... n reducing swelling but continue to have ulnar side burning. It feels like it is along the incision line. I do not have a fever. Ibuprofen is not touching the burning feeling. Any thoughts on what could be going on or is this normal? ... (7 replies)
... en only 30 cases of TTS in over 15 years. In my case, on the inside below the medial malleus or ankle bump, my ankle constantly swelled and was in pain. I felt burning in my arch, especially towards the back part of it. ... (24 replies)
... Sorry for your pain. Burning pain after surgery is usually sign of RSD. No more surgeries, as it only increases the pain. Conservative treatment only. ... (24 replies)
... I have had ankle problems with pain and instability for about 7 years and have had two surgeries to try to repair my ligaments thinking that instability was my main problem and the cause of my pain. After my first surgery (brostrum)failed to relieve any pain and after about 6 months my instability came back as well I had another surgery (complete lateral ligament... (24 replies)
Burning Arches
Apr 13, 2016
... my surgical ankle. It's to the point now where they sort of just burn all the time with out any activity. My non surgical side is starting to have the same arch burning as well. Not only is my non surgical side painful in my arch, it is starting to become and feel just like how my surgical ankle felt before surgery. ... (1 replies)
... That all sounds normal. I'm sorry if I scared you when I wrote about my incisions back in the summer. Everything turned out OK. You should be alright as long as you just gently wash your foot and don't rub too hard. It takes a few weeks for everything to slough off and for the scabs to finish coming off, but you'll see improvement each day. Have you started weight bearing... (5 replies)
... I just had my cast removed after tendon transfer and osteotomy surgery. My doc has allowed me to shower but instructed me not to scrub/moisturize/lotion my†foot. So, after being in a cast for 6 weeks several layers of skin (thick skin) is†peeling. I still have the steri strip on that were placed there at week 2. After reading your posts, I'm scared for them to come off. I am... (5 replies)
... on process in terms of weight bearing and physical touch. It will desensitize, but it takes time and a little work depending on where your sensory disruption is. Burning isn't uncommon. ... (2 replies)
... I also had burning like you are describing when I had scar tissue that was tearing apart. ... (2 replies)
... When I touched my toe though, the skin was desensitized and almost numb, but was burning and tingling anyway. ... (0 replies)
... Please help, My husband has this prickly burning sensation at the bottom of his feet. It is a bit red towards the heels and his feet has the worst ever smell. ... (1 replies)
... I had a Morton's neuroma that developed into terrible burning pain that I felt in the soles of both feet over the course of a year. The pain in my right foot got so bad that I had the neuroma surgery. ... (3 replies)
... Both feet have been getting very cold like in a bucket of ice water, a burning pain with a lot of numbness for about 3 years. Now it feels like I am walking on a wadded up sock, in the foot at the base of my toes. ... (3 replies)
... This time around, they had me remove the steri strips myself around week 3, so the skin wasn't as raw, but I have also noticed some burning and a little bit of wheeping from the scabs. ... (5 replies)

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