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Plantar fasciitis
Jan 29, 2018
... I have had problems with plantar fasciitis for years and years. This past year Jan. 2017 I ended up with Bursitis of the hip,piriformis syndrome, and all around wimpy muscles everywhere head to toes. The doctor thought I had tailbone pain ? ... (5 replies)
... I had neuroma surgery that failed. It's been a year now, and still have tingly pain in my foot. Ball of my foot also sore and swollen, have the same problem in the other foot. ... (13 replies)
... reward from now on. A must! And again good luck to you! Continue to post about your progress. I am on my 3rd Foot Doctor who doesn't take my insurance, but great reputation and works with clients who need to be active. Right up my alley. ... (13 replies)

... I know what you mean about your foot problems beginning from exercise. We don't realize the damage we can do until it is too late. ... (13 replies)
... Wow that's pretty extensive work over the years. I empathize with you. I will have the same numbness in the same exact toes so thanks for letting me know you don't notice it much. My big toes are not fused yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if that day came in the future. Supposedly, if my bunions grow back, then that's the next step. Not ready to give up cute shoes, but I... (13 replies)
... We are tied....I have had 4 foot surgeries too and don't know it all either. Look a lot up online to gain knowledge. Getting ready for 5th surgery in August. ... (13 replies)
... s condition. I had a Morton's neuroma so obviously that's not the same thing...though I'm having trouble putting the bursa with a neuroma....but I've only had 4 foot surgeries so I don't know it all! ... (13 replies)
... Thanks, but bursitis is more my problem. I have lots of inflammation on ball of foot. ... (13 replies)
... I am scheduled to have bursitis surgery on the ball of my foot in 6 weeks. Has anyone else had this done? ... (13 replies)
Bursitis in Foot
Apr 3, 2014
... at when I first got it, when I got out of bed, I was almost sent into a closet and I had NO idea what it was. The plantar facia is a tendon that runs under your foot and when it gets tight, people have what you have and what I had. There is no reason to let anyone touch that!!! ... (6 replies)
Bursitis in Foot
Apr 3, 2014
... Again, you have no idea how much better I feel communicating with someone regarding foot issues. My PT said too, that scar tissue can form when you have surgery. She has been pulling and stretching the the areas and it feels better when she does. ... (6 replies)
Bursitis in Foot
Apr 3, 2014
... Thank you so much for your advice! You and my foot therapist (specializes in soft tissue of foot) have said the same thing. Thanks again! Pam (6 replies)
Bursitis in Foot
Apr 3, 2014
... The fact that your foot is changing, by NO MEANS, indicates that you have to have surgery!!!! ... (6 replies)
Bursitis in Foot
Apr 3, 2014
... dal or shoe. I have never had problems before , I am not a runner nor do I wear high heels. I went to my podiatrist and he gave me a cortisone shot in the top of foot near the 2nd and 3rd toes. Seven weeks later, I developed cellulitis. Was treated with antibiotics and it finally went away, but leaving a scar. ... (6 replies)
... I have had issues with my left foot for as long as I can recall and never new it could be fixed. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks for the update! I am sorry to here that you ha e bursitis, but glad that you finally have a diagnosis and a treatment plan. I have had bursitis in both hips in the past and it is very painful, but in my case it responded very well to conservative treatment and has been relatively quiet ever since. ... (13 replies)
... e PT thought it was and what I thought the cause was. She did a few movements with my hip and then pushed in one area where the Bursa is. I jumped in pain. It is Bursitis most likely caused from the initial surgery. I'm icing now at multiple times during the day. I have to go back in 30 days if it continues. ... (13 replies)
... Back in March my foot started to hurt in the morning or after sitting for a long time..I figured it was just tendonitis and did all the typical stuff, ice, rest, elevation and advil. ... (0 replies)
... About a month ago, I started experiencing some tenderness on the back of my foot, just above the heel and just behind the ankle. I thought it had just rubbed wrong on my shoes, but it continued to worsen. At that time, I was alternating between jumping rope and running daily. When the pain got worse, I ceased both of these activities altogether, because I noticed it was... (0 replies)
... months ago i developed foot pain which consequently became severe. ... (1 replies)

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