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Midfoot arthodesis
Oct 19, 2014
... Have you researched it to read about it? Have you talked with your surgeon? I am guessing you meant Arthrodesis or fusion of the midfoot. Did your surgeon tell you how many bones in your midfoot he is fusing? Online it says you'll be NWB (nonweightbearing) for at least 6 weeks and up to 10-12 weeks. Some surgeons have their patients NWB for 6 weeks and gradual weight... (1 replies)
... strengthening exercises, and gradual weight bearing using a walker. I have been working with a PT twice a week in my home, as I hurt my shoulder from using the walker five weeks ago. The PT and daily exercises help a lot! I would be lost without the PT's guidance. ... (1 replies)
... Hello! I had talonavicular fusion and Achilles' tendon lengthening, nearly the same surgery on 7/16/14. I just reached 10 weeks. My doctor may be more conservative than yours, as he wanted me to be in a cast until 10 weeks to check the healing and fusion. The 5th and 6th week were the hardest -- I felt stir crazy being inside the house too much. Luckily I was and am able... (2 replies)

... My heart goes out to you. It sounds like you have progressed far too fast from cast to boot to walking if you are in this much pain. Plus, you doctor should be giving you additional pain medication if it is this bad. ... (5 replies)
... Hello! It's good to hear you can walk the seven feet to your car. I can't yet walk two steps without a walker our four pronged cane, so that is progress. I am guessing you always wear a CAM boot. I think I use my knee scooter way too much. ... (75 replies)
... Hello! I'm excited to hear about you being able to walk indoors, but I understand your pain. I just started PWB nearly three weeks ago, and every step (with a walker or new 4-prong cane) feels like a hammer to my ankle/fusion area. I thought I was being too slow to progress, and perhaps I am, but hearing of your pain and struggles reassures me to know I'm not alone. My PT... (75 replies)
Cronic Foot Pain
Nov 7, 2008
... Should I get a night splint, Or should i just get a Cam Walker Boot? ... (2 replies)
... Yah I appreciate you feedback. I lasted in shoes just enough to walk to restaurant door and to table then after dinner we walked to car. Came home and put Can walker on. This morning I put shoes on 1st thing this morning but only lasted an hour. In CAM walker the rest of the day. I have such a busy lifestyle.... ... (3 replies)
... Yes it hurts! The cam boot is so much more supportive. You'll probably need at least one crutch. If you don't have full rom back yet.......ouch! ... (3 replies)
... was NWB for 4 weeks in hard cast, 2 weeks weight bearing in hard cast, then was put in CAM walker for two weeks. I'm going into a regular shoes in 2 days. I still have pain from time to time.....each transition I had pain. ... (3 replies)
... I did not have your type of surgery. I had foot reconstruction done in August, any way I can relate to the cam walker boot, I HATE mine too! I went out in mine yesterday for around 5 hours. When we were at dinner, the pain in my foot and ankle was excrutiating. ... (9 replies)
... o idea what is going on with the incision area. The ace bandage is a bit discolored around the heel but it is dry. I'm assuming the odor is from living in this boot 24 hours a day for 7 days but want to make sure there isn't any risk of an infection. I don't have a fever or an increase in pain. ... (19 replies)
... I am still in the cam walker most of the time but supposed to start weaning off it into regular shoe. ... (1 replies)
... Nope, I just grab my crutches and one foot it to the bathroom. I was really surprised he said not to use any type of ankle brace after the boot comes off, and to just do physical therapy on my own. ... (10 replies)
... Hi everyone, my doctor is taking a pro active approach with november 25th, post op dec 10th, splint removed and stitches out and foot put into boot walker for 5 weeks and told to PWB with crutches for a week then FWB for the next 4 weeks, and do physical therapy at home on my own twice a day. ... (10 replies)
... I still use the walker in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I'm going to return my scooter next week!! ... (10 replies)
... LO, Wow! You are making good progress. 3 weeks until my surgery. I got my knee walker, cast cover and wedge today. Now if I could just get my arm pain free. Good to hear from you. (10 replies)
... It is the strangest thing to not be able to figure out the walking motion. LO did you use crutches during PWB. I am using a walker and I feel like using it is taking too much energy...think crutches may be easier. Although I hear it just starts to happen. Congrats on your progress. ... (10 replies)
... Hang in there and keep at it. I've been walking FWB since last Thursday and it is getting better. Foot swells again and I am happy to remove the boot at the end of the day, but it seems to get easier every day. ... (10 replies)
... lf pain. I ended up in pt three different times, took me a while, I have fibro. The three things that really helped me was buying a gel heel cup to stick in my boot and shoe. ... (3 replies)

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