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... my 8 year old son dropped an heavy object on his big toe and now it is very painful and the whole nail is blue. What should i do until i get him into the doctor. ... (0 replies)
Smashed toe
Mar 11, 2006
... friend was only four years old she busted off her whole toenail and her dad got creatvie and used a yellow softlight lightbulb box as a cast around her foot. Her toe is just fine now. ... (2 replies)
Smashed toe
Mar 10, 2006
... even if it is broken, if you go to the doctor all they do is wrap it and tell you to ice it. I broke mine several years ago. So either way, you just want to elevate it, ice it and take some anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen. If it doesn't hurt too bad that's probably a good sign though. I snapped mine in half (left pinkie toe.. caught it on a chair leg) and it HURT for... (2 replies)

Smashed toe
Mar 10, 2006
... About ten minutes ago, I smashed my pinky toe really bad by accident. It doesn't hurt too bad except for when it was first smashed but it has now swelled up to twice the size of the one of my other foot. Is it broken? ... (2 replies)
... I already have an appt to see my OS about this floppy toe in a few weeks. ... (0 replies)
Toe nail issue?
Jul 12, 2012
... Yeah my other one, doesn't seem like I'm gonna lose it, I'm not worried about that one as I can trim it perfectly! And my nail has fell off before, probably when I was around about 10 actually, I dropped a little side plate on my toe and the plate smashed and the nail just came off, it was horrible :l Thanks for the quick response, you've been so helpful! Will a trip to... (9 replies)
... I took the bandages off and now cant get them back on properly!! I have a gaping gap at the bottom of my toes and dont think its supportive enough! Ive put a sock on to hold it all together but that makes it too tight. Not sure what to do!!! the incisions are scabbing over well though :D although I noticed a lumpy lump half way down the site, looked a bit fluidy. Although... (41 replies)
... because it sure aint protecting the smashed toe is it? ... (41 replies)
... When I was 15, I smashed my big toe against a soccer ball. I did not drop something on it like your husband did, but regardless, he and I suffered a traumatic injury. ... (4 replies)
... dbgoalie, I wonder about the hardware rejection issue, too. My history is not nearly as long as yours. My toe has been hurting off and on for about 2 years. The joint at the start of the year was pretty inflamed and swollen when I went in for my yearly checkup in March. ... (85 replies)
... Post my first bunion surgery, I really, really stubbed my great toe just two weeks after the external fixation pins were removed. ... (3 replies)
Smashed my toe
Mar 31, 2007
... Ahh..thanks for that advice. I will do the taping of it and keep taking my Motrin. :D I have pair of CROCS and they are quite wide and maybe I will pull them out to wear!! :) I am too lazy to go to Urgent Care!!!:rolleyes: (3 replies)
Smashed my toe
Mar 31, 2007
... You can buddy tape it to the toe next to it (the larger one). Keep up with the Motrin per label instructions, maybe ice it if you can tolerate it, and keep it elevated whenever you are sitting down. If you have an old pair of athletic shoes you might be able to cut the side out of one and wear it if you need to go out. I've done that in the past. You might want to go and... (3 replies)
Smashed my toe
Mar 31, 2007
... Smashed my toe yesterday morning and I am in allot of pain. I have taken Motrin 600 that I have here and it has helped allot. ... (3 replies)
... Middle toe "smashed" by accidental dropping of maglight flashlight upon it 2 months ago. Bad swelling, etc. all gone now. ... (1 replies)
... I would definitely see a different doctor, a boarded certified foot and ankle specialist. Many years go, I smashed my little toe in a car door, and it was extremely painful for weeks. Ice and elevation helped, but it can take up to 6 weeks or more to heal. ... (3 replies)
... Today my husband and I were cutting down some large 70-80 foot tall pine trees on our property. Long story short- we were dragging the trees to another area, and while I was standing beside one of the downed trees, it rolled on top of my foot, from the toes to almost to the ankle. Needless to say, it hurt and I was totally pinned unable to move. I tried pulling my foot out... (5 replies)
... Approximately 4, maybe 3.5 years ago I smashed the top of my right foot and went to the Dr. for it. ... (0 replies)
... thanks for the advice. My somewhat complicating factor is the loose toe pulling up and the little toe and middle toe now pulling down, creating other pressures there. ... (10 replies)
... I fractured both heels in March this year. One was smashed to bits and so pinned but the other required no fixation. ... (5 replies)

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