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Propecia 1mg
Feb 16, 2006
... Are you male or female? What is the pattern of hair loss? If your female look to get tested for autoimmune diseases. I use 5% Rogaine. I am female and young. Health problems. 5% works 2% doesn't. (4 replies)
... No, I've always been a little afraid to try it... (15 replies)
... Give a guy a pill that he knows might cause sexual side effects and he starts worrying about that. Performance anxiety sets in. Seems to me this is one side effect that could easily be psychological for some. (15 replies)

... did you take propecia? (15 replies)
... Great to hear that you are having good results, FD. Propecia users can typically expect a slight decrease in libido at first, but your young age may negate that. At any rate, if you do experience a lack of drive for a little while stick it out, it is more than likely temporary. ... (15 replies)
... I have been taking propecia for a little over 2 months now. I am highly impressed with the results i've seen already. It's just amazing! My hair grows very fast and its lookingmuch thicker. ... (15 replies)
... Im 21 and started taking propecia about a month ago. From reading alot of posts here I was scared of the side effects and almost stopped taking it, but so far i've experienced no problems at all. ... (15 replies)
... youre definatly not alone buddy. id ay my first comment about a receding hairline came from my girlfriend when i was in my late 17 period like a year ago. my vortex area isnt really that far gone though, so i cant really help you out with the styling, i know that a shaggy haircut has always been my best friend, but that could be different for you. I have a friend that started... (2 replies)
... alright, thanks guys i appreciate it. i think iv'e all but ruled out propecia by by now. ... (15 replies)
... I'd definately do a lot of research on Propecia before trying it. A lot of guys are lucky and get great results and no side effects. ... (15 replies)
... I started losing my hair when I was 16 and started using propecia at 21 for 2.5 yrs. I also used started using Rogaine when I was 19 and was on it for 15 months but didn't notice a difference in my hair with any of them. ... (15 replies)
... Anyways I would advise AGAINST propecia dude. It will totally kill your sex life, im not kidding. ... (15 replies)
... lot of people say that it hasnt gotten that bad at all, but when i look at the amount of hair loss that has occured it really depresses me. ive been looking into propecia though the websites and whatnot, but im unsure where to get it, how much it actualy costs, and whether or not i should be thinking about it even. ... (15 replies)
... im using nizoral but its early days so i dont if its having any effect, but i was thinking about Propecia as it seems to definitely work but the side effects worry me. ... (58 replies)
... I am trying to keep the hair I have, Is Propecia good start to prevent further hair loss? ... (5 replies)
... My doc. has prescribed me with propecia and as you all know it is 1mg. ... (0 replies)
... ped my self esteme. Prior to this I was under the assumption that if the area was bald that the hair would not regrow but this is sure working for me. You are so young I pray that the saw palmetto could work for you. ... (8 replies)
... Give it a go for a while, maybe cut the tab in half or take it every second day. If you experience any side effects you can always stop. I think it would be better to try then always wonder if it could have helped you. (15 replies)
... It's pretty expensive, I'd guess around $50 a month. You'll have to go to your doctor or dermatoligist and have them write you a script for it. If you want to save money, you can do what a lot of guys do and purhcase the generic online and cut it into pieces. However, you're also taking a risk when doing this... (15 replies)
... just how expensive is it, and where do i go to get it prescribed? (15 replies)

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