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I have had stapedectomies in both my ears.... My first was back in 1992 in my right ear I had the same hearing loss in both ears but due to my very young children 1 and 4 and also my month for recovery back then I decided not to get my other ear done and after my surgery my hearing was incredible and I was able to function with only one ear fine.....

Dec. 2010 I lost my hearing in that ear (R) due to my incus eroding... I was left with not much hearing at all with my left ear not working either (under 30% hearing) and had to use a hearing aid to function...Feb. I had a revision in that same ear (R) and did not get the results my doctor had hoped for..Due to scar tissue and also a rear artery that ran thru that area my prothesis slipped out of doctor being stubborn as he is went back in to make it right in June and that he did.. I decided to have surgery in my left ear this past Feb. It had under 30% hearing in it. I had excellent results and now able to hear out of both of my ears. :) My recovery was not bad at all...I took it soo easy..rested and followed his directions...1992 recovery was a month for it was 1 week..and really only down for about 3 days with the dizziness and I didn t have that with all of the ea one was different for me.

TheresaN.. I also had tinnitus and with my hearing being so good after the surgeries I do not hear much ringing at all... I had a dial tone so to say in my ear..that is also gone...

KT85..,...I honestly feel that each person is different...also..It really does depend on the doctor for a successful surgery. Make sure that you do your research and get someone that has lots of experience with this surgery. If you were in Rhode Island I would recommend my Dr. highly to you... It is also so important to follow directions after your surgery. I did nothing for the first blowing of my nose...sneezing with my mouth straining at all..and lots of rest... I can honestly say this...I am so happy that I did this...I love being able to lay in bed on any side and hear....My hearing is so good that 3 1/2 months post surgery I am still putting a cotton ball in my ear when I blow dry my hair...sounds are still alittle loud but getting better and I am so not complaining at it..

If you have any questions at all..please do not hesitate to ask...I have been down this road several times...have experienced it all...

Good luck!


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