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... I happen to have this condition. You may want to consider this as another possibility. It will cause the loud voice, hearing your breathing and you may also hear your eyes move, head movements, etc. ... (12 replies)
... That is definitely autophony as it allows air and sound to travel up the Eustachian tube and into the middle ear vibrating off the ear drum. ... (12 replies)
... ill mellow out for me..but if not..I will be more then happy to deal with this...It is so funny that things I couldn t hear before I am hearing my dog breathing so loud...she is a pug and my goodess can she be loud at times LOL... ... (70 replies)

... I had a different issue with ear. When I talked, I could hear the vibration in my ear. I did lot of reading and finally did some Indian Yoga. The problem is not completely cured, but it has reduced a bit. 1. Karnapidasan. Its on youtube. 2. Keeping the carpet clean all the time 3. Reducing stress 4. Good breathing exercises Please see if these relieve your symptoms. (3 replies)
Ear problem???????
Jun 18, 2010
... When i would take a big breath through my nose it would pop my ears and everything is fine UNTIL i swallow then its back to the beginning with the hearing of the breathing and the echo of the voice. It is soooooooooo irritating. ... (0 replies)
... It could also be a symptom of patulous eustachian tube... (2 replies)
... ld probably hear your heart beating, too. You could simulate a hearing loss by blocking both ears and taking deep breaths. You should be able to hear yourself breathing when at rest, and that's normal. ... (2 replies)
... what's it mean when i hear my breathing in my ear sometimes? ... (2 replies)
... If it only happens when you breathe you might have a condition called Patulous Eustachian Tube where the tube connecting your nose to you middle ear stays open when it's supposed to be closed, allowing internal sounds like your breath to travel up the tube and vibrate youe ear drum. ... (1 replies)
... See an ENT doctor and they can do a CT scan and tell if your nose problem is from a deviated septum. That means the breathing passage through your nose is crooked essentially and interferring with your air exhange. ... (3 replies)
... thinks it must be an inner ear problem. ... (3 replies)
... mine was diagnose by 2 drs, they could see the eardrum move, thats not with everyone though. and by my descripton of symptoms. sounds like myo to me. (10 replies)
... ENT doc I saw, diagnosed me with mild hyperacusis, I don't have a severe intolerance to everyday sounds, just certain sounds like a baby crying, a blender in the kitchen, that sort of thing. I can't believe there are no tests to check for myo! Can a specialist look at the movement of the eardrum with breathing, swallowing, yawning and diagnose myo this way? What kind of... (10 replies)
... this is kinda similar to me. when i sleep on which ever ear hurts...kinda extra sensitive...and ear feels like it bends easy and hurts...also hard to describe... ... (66 replies)
... hmmm and did you try to just stop breathing all together for a minute or so? ... (66 replies)
... Ok, I held my nose like I was going under water in the pool, and I simulated breathing in and out (simulated because my nose was pinched and my mouth was closed). Instead of feeling the air/breath go back and forth through my e-tube, it was a muted version of it, and kinda felt like it suctioning in my ear. (66 replies)
... try seeing if it goes away if you stop breathing for a minute or so, pich your nose and close mouth, see if it changes anything. ... (66 replies)
... Paying attention to my symptoms this morning - -Tried to sleep on left side last night, and right side still bothering more today. Since left side was bothering me a little bit, think it'll just be which ever side I sleep on more. -The reason I don't breathe through my nose is because it sets off the symptoms in my ear -When the symptoms are active, my voice is... (66 replies)
... Unfortunately, I do work tomorrow during the day, but not in the evening, but apparently we're not supposed to meet anyone from these boards...If it's the same James, he is in his 30s and his symptoms started from scuba diving. If all else fails, he knows how to reach me. We met on *******, but i also use google. I think his symptoms still come back from time to time. I do... (66 replies)
... as far as ear problems go? ... (66 replies)

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