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... I recently got a horrible head cold which backed up into my ears. ... (1 replies)
... to get this carried out and hes great now although he had some problems at the start. I think my problems started after I have flown home from Spain with a head cold and blocked ears. ... (35 replies)
... I had tubes put in my ears several times and it never relieved the problem. It made me feel worse. The echoing of my voice got worse and I still felt like I needed to pop my ears. ... (14 replies)

... not being able to pop your ears whilst moving the jaw.. ... (0 replies)
... About 5 weeks ago, I caught a really bad chest and head cold which had lasted about 3 weeks. After about a week, I noticed what felt like fluid buidling up in my ears. ... (1 replies)
Sep 20, 2013
... (1 replies)
May 2, 2013
... Tubes. I immediately had a cold after this, which lasted for just over a week. On Saturday 27th April 2013, at approx 7pm I started to get the low frequency sound issue in my left ear. ... (1 replies)
... r because I am hearing great again but I do have problem with my nose which appears to have closed and my ears are full and there is a lot of pressure in both my ears but I do not have any pain but there is is hollow sound or sound as if somebody were speaking through a steel pipe etc which I hear. ... (141 replies)
... after returning from a mountain bike ride I noticed a buzzing in my right ear and followed blocked feeling in that ear. The buzzing continues and I can't hear well out of this ear. I have also felt a lot of pressure on that side of my head. My balance is fine. ... (1 replies)
... ccurs after excertion, not a lot. Under these conditions, you could probably hear your heart beating, too. You could simulate a hearing loss by blocking both ears and taking deep breaths. You should be able to hear yourself breathing when at rest, and that's normal. ... (2 replies)
... then slowly the left ear began to clear and less and less I had the blocked feeling and kazoo sounds when i spoke. ... (2 replies)
... If so did they leave you with a blocked ear for weeks to months afterwards. My ear is still popping and squeltching from last infection 16 weeks ago. ... (35 replies)
... If it IS a blocked eustachian tube, well... ... (6 replies)
... hello, your symptoms could be related to a few different conditions. they are not easy to diagnose....but i will help you anyway i can. your symptoms sound a lot like how mine started. the symptoms that you describe, thudding, movement, crackling....can you describe this a bit more? when you say your voice sounds off, is it loud like a megaphone in your head? or just a... (6 replies)
... But oh no. NO NO NO. The opposite. The left ear I think is ok but I can't even tell anymore. The right just abysmal. All blocked and weird. I've never experienced anything like this before in my life and it's depressing me so much. ... (6 replies)
Clogged up ear
Nov 3, 2004
... Hey, Ive been having clogged ears now for two months. At first i thought it was hearing loss due to motorcycling, but after a hearing test my hearing was found to be perfect. ... (3 replies)
... Yes! The purpose of the Eustachian tube - a small "tube" from the middle ear to the throat area is to equalize the pressure on either side of the ear drum. This is why we pop the ears when climbing in an airplane - to equalize the pressure. When this tube is blocked - for example, from swelling due to a cold - it sounds muffled. When this tube is kept open - from a... (143 replies)
... About 2 months ago my right ear went very blocked and I had a cough and a runny nose. The mucus was clear but thick. ... (2 replies)
... That is GREAT news Skyler! Glad to hear that it was nothing serious. Colds have crazy ways of affecting people. I recently came down with a bad cold and i think it has blocked my ears all up. ... (4 replies)
... n only hear it when there is little or no background noise, but seems loud when it is completely silent. I can only hear it in my right ear. I reccently caught a cold and had my sinuses blocked up, including pain in my ears from the preasure, which might explain something. About a year ago, the same thing happened. ... (4 replies)

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