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... Can you plug the ear firmly with a finger and achieve momentary relief? ... (2 replies)
... that is a muscle spasm in the ear, the stapedial and or the tensor tympani. ... (7 replies)
... drawing, pulling and rumbling are all symptoms of a muscle spasm in the middle ear. the rumbling was so bad for me i had to have the tendons severed, much relief. that is if it bothers you that much. ... (3 replies)

... well i guess ill solve your problems......yes in fact i can tell for sure that with myoclonus when you swallow or burp it will trigger the spasms, ahhh another clue.....and no you will only find a few things out there that they write about burping and myoclonus, one paper was by dr epley, he had 2 patients that had sx with burping, but i have found at least a dozen or... (66 replies)
... and the feeling is almost a spasm in both ears... ... (66 replies)
... middle ear myoclons, muscle spasm of either tensor tympani or stapedial or both, look up these conditions. ... (66 replies)
... middle ear myoclonus, tensor tympani syndrome, stapedialmyoclonus....these are the things you can look up, it can present itself in many ways..... ... (4 replies)
... that is a spasm in the middle ear....the tensor tympani and stapedial.... ... (13 replies)
... tensor tympani spasm or stapedial myoclonus (2 replies)
... I am currently experiencing the same symptoms as other posters, on and off spasm in right ear, for three weeks now, feels like a hiccup in my ear ? ... (17 replies)
Ear flutters
May 20, 2005
... I would like to comment on this thumping, drumming and fluttering in the inner ear, including the humming in the ear. I have the thumping in my left ear and the humming in my right ear. The humming is constant, but the thumping like a jumping nerve or spasm comes and goes. ... (12 replies)
... they are special ear drs....regular ents know nothing about this.... ... (7 replies)
... Im not familiar with those titles, the "otoligist or neurotoligist," are those Ears, Nose, Throat Doctors or is that something different? I was thinking of asking my doctor for a referral to a ENT doctor, but Im not sure if thats what I should ask for? Are those different types of doctors? Also, if it were a spasm, why would it be doing it only as Im going to sleep? Dont... (7 replies)
... the popping could be from a muscle spasm in the middle ear or e tube....find a top otoligist or neurotoligist.... ... (7 replies)
... (2 replies)
... feel ...sorta like a spasm or something, could be fluid build up in my left ear. ... (2 replies)
... look up middle ear myoclonus....its a real pain! ... (17 replies)
... Nope, no popping in my ear. It feels like a spasm... almost like the spasm that's making my nose twitch it's just in the ear. ... (17 replies)
... its a constant muscle spasm. do you get any popping in the ear? (17 replies)
... i get it behind my nose, in my sinuses...i have myoclonus in ear and e tube, severing the middle ear tendons helped. ... (17 replies)

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