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... es we though it was pet....i had the surgery, to my surprise.....and dr poes it did not help, the very next morning i was in his office and he could still see my eardrum move, with deep breathing and talking, turns out i was using muscles in my face and that was triggering the spasms as well.....he knew then mine was muscular.... ... (58 replies)
... I know what thats like I somtimes feel my eardrum twitch very rairly though I get more of a cracking sound and I can feel it. ... (58 replies)
... Day 22 Update... My recovery continues. I started to put the peroxide drops in the ear to dissolve the blood and the packing, and i could hear all kinds of crackling and popping like a bowl of Rice Krispies (just like last time). I'm a few days ahead of schedule with the eardrops- I actually wasn't supposed to start them until Friday but I got a little bit anxious. The same... (19 replies)

... Similar to what I had, the loud sounds will be worrisome for quite awhile. They get better with time but it takes time. Also it took my brain awhile to adjust to the sounds, at first I had difficulty understanding speech but as time went by it greatly improved. Dr "B" is a "rock star!!" Hearing great without HAs after 3 decades with them. (33 replies)
... asn't opened up fully, although I am pretty sure there is still alot of packing in there. I started the glycerin and hydrogen peroxide drops and there is alot of crackling and fizzing when I put the peroxide drops in the ear. ... (33 replies)
... Nik, I was thinking that the packing in your ears was on the inside, behind your eardrums, which I didn't want. But I am assuming it's next to your eardrum on the outside, which makes me feel much better about having the packing done to me. I'm hoping Dr. Poe won't use it, but I'll bet he will if Dr. ... (178 replies)
... Dave, don't worry. Your eardrum is still healing and it's "opening" and "closing". So there are times where your hearing sounds poorer. ... (352 replies)
... but it feels pretty scary. I'm scared my eardrum or the piston will move! ... (352 replies)
... ng loss in that one they, did that one. Well I have never had the surgery on the painful ear becasue to me it is not what is bothering me. I have the poping and crackling and a painful eustation tube all along my face and down to my neck. I had the CT scans etc.....but I was told all different things. ... (35 replies)
... his is my very first ear infection as an adult. Now 5 days later, I am still on Biaxin for 10 days and Ear drops that finish today. I have constant popping and crackling as well as being "stuck" inside my own head. I hear my own voice, breathing, swallowing so loudly, it hurts to talk. ... (13 replies)
... to normal so you just have to be patient. Normally 7 to 10 days into the ear infection your ears should start to pop and crackle, this is the fluid behind your eardrum breaking up somewhat. At this stage you should start to feel a lot of the pressure in your ear release. ... (13 replies)
... When i open my jaw really wide, I hear and feel this crackling popping noise, and it feels like it opens my ears a little. But only for a second. So I end up doing this over and over... ... (14 replies)
... When i open my jaw really wide, I hear and feel this crackling popping noise, and it feels like it opens my ears a little. But only for a second. So I end up doing this over and over... ... (35 replies)
... do take precautionary measures like listing to voice at a low pitch as low as possible, but with problem of clogged ears, I really get frustration. Even I hear crackling sounds often in right ear, which is disgusting. ... (0 replies)
Wierd Ear Problem
Jan 24, 2005
... For about a week I've had a really strange problem with my ear. I first noticed it when I was cleaning my ear with a q-tip. I heard a odd crinkling/crackling sound kind of like if you scratch your finger over the edge of a broken drum head's edge. I didn't have any pain and I didn't go any deeper than I ever do. If I clear my ears by holding my nose I can hear the sound... (1 replies)
... Well..the doc at the university health center must of didnt know swat lol...because my Left ear is still crackling. doc said eardrum and no infection. said it was wax and that it should stop. it still hasnt. still cracking to loud noise then stops..then starts again with the sound comes. ... (0 replies)
... I don't have any hearing loss at all--my audiogram is off the charts for an adult, especially one who used to play in rock bands. I've always been able to hear the sound of my own breathing--but at the same level as others can hear me breathe, so I don't think that's the kind of symptom you get with PET. Here are my symptoms: In my left ear alone: 1. Feeling of fullness ... (17 replies)
... due to significant allergies. This all happened about the same time we got 2 new puppies. However allergy shots have not helped. Moving my jaw causes a crackling sound in both ears. Feels like I'm on an airplane all of the time. The right ear has a cold, wet feeling behind the eardrum. ... (143 replies)
... s morning and felt like it was better...beeped a few times, but still felt better...had to teach flute lessons this afternoon..OMG...every note was vibrating and crackling in my left ear, the higher the frequencey, the worse it got. ... (0 replies)
... My Doc said another option would be to put a hole in the eardrum without putting the tube in and waiting a day or two to see if things got better. If not, then no harm done and it will heal on its own. ... (0 replies)

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