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... I think I can help with the problems of pressure, pain and that plugged up feeling after flying thanks to advice from my doctor. Some of these alone will help many people, but my ears get so bad after flying I have to do all of them to be pain free. ... (2 replies)
... I flew to New York with boyfriend against my better intuition and oh brother, I spent the next 6 months dealing with ear infection. I couldn't hear, very painful, popping, heart beating sound in it, fluid, nothing helped. ... (2 replies)
... I had a very bad inner ear infection in April caused by a sinus infection. ... (2 replies)

... unless you have a contraindication to doing so. Also make sure you have gum or something to sip on during take off and landing. Just swallow alot to keep the pressure equalized in the ear. Let me know how it goes. Best of luck to you. ... (70 replies)
... to soccer training. My ear coped well with the high winds. ... (70 replies)
... I was lying on the sofa when I had the sensation of my right ear popping, slowly, with some mild discomfort. ... (0 replies)
... Common problem upon decent - you need to equalize pressure - to help this along try Sudafed and an OTC nasal decongestant (Afrin - but for no more thn 5 days). If no improvement in a few days you can see you're ENT specialist and he/she can give you something stronger. Worst case scenario , ENT can perform a myringotomy and equalize the pressure for you - but not likely... (1 replies)
... The issue with pressure is not what you would experience in airplanes, but similar to the pressure you would get from driving up a very high mountain. ... (4 replies)
... Some questions to all you ear experts out there. ... (1 replies)
... The first time was simple wax buildup in one ear. My doctor washed out my ear and relieved that. ... (3 replies)
... fy ear. Clogged if you prefer. I can't get rid of it, have had it for about 3 years. Feel like constantly driving in the mountains, or flying. I can seal the pressure in my left ear by inserting my finger. When I do that, the slightest movement of my finger makes it feel as though my whole brain is moving. Weird, I know. ... (2 replies)
... have to say I am also very happy with the outcome of my surgery on this ear. I can hear so much better then before...thats for sure... I also can hear the bugs flying around my head..something I didn t pick up before... I do have to still put the cotton ball in my ear when I use my blow dryer...but I am not complaining. ... (33 replies)
... Synephrine nasal spray. When you begin to feel pressure in your ear, hold your nose and swallow with your mouth closed, repeat as necessary. ... (39 replies)
... The right ear was done almost 2 years ago, and I experienced one day of dizziness, the day after the surgery. Go figure. ... (13 replies)
... my left ear gets very isnt a ringing or popping, but sounds exactly like the noise one gets when plugging an electric guitar cable into the amp... ... (6 replies)
... and in hindsight, I almost wish it did rupture as the pressure currently on the ear drum is unbearable. Not being able to hear now is without doubt the worst part. ... (5 replies)
... veryone heals differently, there seems to be a common theme of very limited hearing over the first few weeks, due to swelling and the packing inserted around the ear drum. Some docs remove the packing with a vacuum device and some insert dissolvable packing that dissipates over several weeks. ... (64 replies)
... Hi all, Mylesmom - Make the trip to Dallas and see Dr. Bob Owens (Owens Ear Center - Baylor Dallas). He's one of the top surgeons for this around here. He did all 3 of my surgeries and several others that have posted in the last year. Also, if you haven't read all the posts on the 3 threads we have been posting too....please take the time to read it. This is your... (64 replies)
... check with your doctor. My ear has been so sensitive to pressure, flying is not anything I want to try yet and I had my surgery over three months ago. Certainly not after just a few weeks. ... (173 replies)
... hink this may be due to sinus fluid. I've taken some Claratin or sudafed on most days, mostly because I feel some drainage in the back of my throat and for that pressure I sometimes feel in my sinuses. ... (173 replies)

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