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... I had all the normal post op experiences that others have mentioned. ... (0 replies)
... e really good at the crimping process and aren't worried about your prosthesis coming loose from simple things like driving or walking. Those that tend to do the stapedectomy surgery less often might tell you to take it easier for longer time periods. ... (28 replies)
... I am now 14 days post op and I have noticed an increase in bass sounds. ... (28 replies)

... I am surprised your doctor hasn't talked with you about this already. My doctor was (alarmingly) clear about NOT MOVING for 7 days (until the first follow up) as that is the time when you are most likely to cause yourself damage. I was told in no uncertain terms that someone would have to take care of me full time for the first week in order to speed recovery. My husband... (28 replies)
... I'm having a Stapedectomy in February on a Friday. ... (28 replies)
... Don't worry, you're not even 2 weeks post-surgery! I wasn't allowed to get a hearing test until three months after the operation, and even then, the doctor told me my hearing would continue to improve for up to a year. So, please, just relax and try to be patient (yes, I know it's hard). (28 replies)
... Had my first post op appointment yesterday. Ear was cleaned out of all packing and I was told my incision had healed perfectly and my ear could now get wet. ... (28 replies)
... 8 days post op Dizziness is 90% gone. Hearing is not any better. Go in 3 days to get packing taken out. Hope hearing is better then. Right now when i chew ice or something similar it is extremely loud in the op ear. Also if i scratch my head i can hear it loud in the op ear. So i assume once the swelling goes down it will be all better. Time will tell. (28 replies)
... I am just 4 days post op but have a few questions. ... (28 replies)
... Thanks to all that post here as it has been reassuring. ... (2 replies)
... Hello--I posted a reply to someone else's post, and it answered some of these questions, but I don't even see where it appears. I don't have this board figured out! I had surgery not quite three weeks ago. I washed my hair after one week--yes, a whole week. The doc said, as yours probably did, to put vaseline on a piece of cotton to plug my ear. He said don't worry if my... (28 replies)
... This is my first time posting, but I thought I'd give my report on my stapedectomy to see how it compares. ... (2 replies)
... I am replying to the woman who inquired about surgeons and it shows she is located in Westminster CA. I recently had surgery from Dr. Jackler at Stanford Univ. I know of another surgeon who was highly recommended Dr McKennan in Sacramento. I see you are Socal, and have no info for your area, but I recommend these two in Norcal. Good luck! (2 replies)
... Hi all First post! I am 8-days post-stapedectomy related to long-standing otosclerosis. On day 5 post-op I developed sudden onset tinnitus. I am now on prednisolone 40mg per day for 5 days and have taken two doses, without any effect. I know it is hard to tell initally whether there has been any improvement but I did feel that I could hear much better immediately... (0 replies)
... Hi, I'm Casey, 32 yo Female. I had My stapedectomy on May 27th. My Recovery has been tough. I am 10 days Post op and still extremely dizzy. Especially with alot of things moving around me, such as cars passing or My kids running around. ... (33 replies)
... I thought I would start a thread to explore what people feel based on advice from Doctors and personal experience, what activities are appropriate and when post Stapedectomy. ... (3 replies)
... I am 12 days post stapedectomy and getting worried it didn't work. I know everyone says PATIENCE but I am freaking out that I can't hear anything. ... (33 replies)
... If you just had your stapedectomy a week ago, it sounds like a little early to worry about not being able to hear, as your ear canal probably has both blood clots and the packing in it, which block sound waves from reaching your ear. Maybe you can get a second opinion? (2 replies)
... One week ago I had my second stapedectomy. I could hear when scratching the cotton ball in my operated ear and a faint dial tone after picking up the receiver. Six days later I could no longer hear either so I called my doctor who told me to come in. First he removed the outer packing and gave me a hearing test saying that my hearing had decreased by 30%. However, I can... (2 replies)
... Hi I had my stapedectomy in 1984 and woke up to very loud tinnitus in my ear this has been with me every day since .some days are not to bad some are really bad .but I have been told to get used to it as a tinnitus masker is of no use .poss not what you want to hear but it may change for you . (1 replies)

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