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... Now my question is how I did not get any pain in 6 months after blockage of my main artery and suffering MI, and suddenly I developed this new pain, when my other arteries are OK. What could be the reason? ... (4 replies)
... pirin, platelet reducuing drug and norvasc. I am having fat free diet and have quit smoking since my angiography. I asked my doctor why he did not try to open my blocked artery, on which he said that it was not beneficial at this stage and had some life threatening risks as well. ... (4 replies)
Blocked artery
Sep 14, 2009
... My mother has just been diagnosed with a 100% blockage in her right artery. She had an heart attach two years ago and has just suffered two strokes in the past month, which has affected her vision. The doctors are saying that she should not have another stoke, how would they know this, since she has had two already? they are not going to change her medicine either. So in... (1 replies)

... blocked artery and did surgery again. The doctors couldn't explain why it was blocked since his diet was monitored strictly and he exercised diligently. ... (4 replies)
... The cardiologist said he wouldn't perform angioplasty on the one remaining good artery,which is partially blocked because the risk of stroke is great. ... (10 replies)
... Transient ischemia means that there is no blood flow to a particular area of the body for a temporary period. I think perhaps the cardiologist was simplifying things for you. If two of the three MAIN arteries were blocked, pretty much the entire heart would be totally infarcted, and your father would be dead. Yep...and also the fact that your father's health is very... (10 replies)
... Hi there....I think the main reason that your father is not a candidate for an angioplasty is because it sounds like he has pretty brittle congestive heart failure on top of his multi-vessel occlusion. As it is, he probably has very poor myocardial perfusion with what little vessel space he has left open, and since, when you are performing angioplasty on a vessel, there is a... (10 replies)
... The cardiologist explained that performing angioplasty on the remaining artery was too risky, if something went wrong it may close and that would be it. ... (10 replies)
... blocked Right Coronary artery, yet you did not have any symptoms because of good collaterals. But I thought blockage of a main coronary artery almost always result in Myocardial Infarction. ... (18 replies)
... This is with reference to my father, with whom this problem has come into light. I would like to narrate the whole case to you and wait for your response on the same. Pateint age : 73yrs/Male Patient was admitted in the hospital on 9th April 2010 due to a massive heart attack. After an Angiogram was conducted the report suggested bypass surgery because his heart... (3 replies)
Please help
Jun 17, 2006
... Wow, that's scary! Two years ago I drove myself to ER for what I thought was a respiratory problem. Tests showed I had/have a completely blocked LAD (left side coronary artery), and there had been muscle damage due to a prior heart attack. I don't have diabetes; unfortunately for many diabetics they do not have any warnings (such as pain as blood flow decreases to the heart... (10 replies)
... Hi Brahm: I am a 43 year old female Mother of 2 wonderful boys. I have heart disease, my first heart attack was in June of 2004. At that time they placed 5 stents in my right coronary artery. Until recently, there have been no reacurances. I was just released from the medical center the other day due to the same thing you were having.. burning sensation in my left side of my... (3 replies)
... encing now, may be angina related to partial occlusion of those arteries. The big thing is, in someone like you with lots of risk factors for occlusive coronary artery disease, if you are having chest pain, it is important to rule out your heart as the source. Once that has been ruled out, other things can be considered. ... (4 replies)
... For some patients there is angiogensis and collateral vessels around a blocked artery. ... (36 replies)
... blocked artery, and didn't do anything to the branch blocked artery. Two months later he wanted to do a stent on the branch. One month later he was gone before I had an opportunity to smack him around. ... (18 replies)
... My dad had a stroke on September 27 of this year. He's been put in the nursing home for therapy. He's only 50 years old, but he has had 2 previous heart attacks years ago. He went yesterday to talk to a heart specialist about doing the surgery called carotid endarterectomy. His one artery is like 40% blocked (I think) and that is being treated with meds, but the other one is... (1 replies)
Taxus stent
Jun 19, 2005
... blocked the artery again and you are back on the collaterals. ... (7 replies)
... blocked, or an entire area perfused by that artery was infarcted, the person wouldn't be alive... ... (10 replies)
... In backwards order: A second opinion is ALWAYS worthwhile, especially in life threatening situations. A blockage of 100% is synonymous with a heart attack Thus the portion of the heart that was completely deprived of blood is long dead and scarred over. Restoring a blood flow, if even possible through scar tissue, would do no good. Item one, your father's age and... (10 replies)
... When I compare my carotid artery ultrasound results to various Criteria for the Diagnosis of Internal Carotid Artery (ICA) Stenosis, I seem to fall into the category of occlusion, yet my report says normal. I am copying my results and the guidlines. Am I wrong or is the report wrong? What am I missing? MY REsults: CHU 0033 - US CAROTID BILAT B PROCEDURE REASON: NEAR... (0 replies)

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