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I am a 37-year-old Male in relatively good shape. About 5 months ago, I experienced the first of what now has been identified as a PVC or PAC. After two trips to the ER , several EKGs, Echocardiogram, Nuclear Stress Test and wearing a monitor for 30 days. All of my testing was normal except the extended monitor did show the occurrence of PVC's and PAC's. I was also was tested for Thyroid problems again all testing normal. Outside of slightly elevated Blood Pressure of 130/80 and borderline high cholesterol of 200 all my test results indicate I am a healthy guy. My cardiologist said if your quality of life is not affected then do not worry about the PVC's. Unfortunately, when I experience strong PVC's they are followed or superseded (Chicken & Egg Thing) by pressure in my sinus region feels like a head rush ( I guess they make me dizzy for a second) and sometimes seem to take my breath away (not sure if this is anxiety or something else). My internist put me on Toprol XL 25mg and this seemed only to increase the frequency of the PVCs so he had me stop. Presently, I have an episode about every other day (generally I will have 2 to 3 PVC over the course of the day) and strong PVC about once a month; however, some weeks are better than others. It is hard not to think about these damn things and just go on with my daily activities. I have noticed that if I eat a big meal or a meal with Garlic I get PVC a few hours later. I have eliminated all caffeine, I used to chew tobacco and quit for over 5 months now. However, they seem to still randomly occur most of the time while resting (sitting or laying down). I am not sure why these things all of a sudden just started at 37 years of age. Last year I took Xenadrine and wore a diet patch, I did loose weight, but when I heard all the bad things about Ephedrine I quit immediately. Do you think this has anything to do with the sudden onset of these PVCs. I am just looking for any other guidance on what I should do to make sure these things are not serious, which is what everything I have read or have been told says. Any additional information on treatments or lifestyle changes that can help reduces these things would be great.

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