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[QUOTE=Ryguy1]Hi everyone.

I'm afraid I'm becoming a hypochondriac. I've been having chest pains and heart palpitations for more than a month now, and after numerous visits to the ER and my family doctor, I'm at my wit's end. To date, I've had five EKGs, two chest X-rays, two series of blood work, and a 24-hour heart monitor. All results have been normal, but the symptoms seem to be coming more frequently and intensely as time goes by.[/QUOTE]

Did you have any symptoms during the 24-hour heart monitor?

[QUOTE]I have frequent heart palpitations, especially when I lie down, that are usually so bad that I can't get to sleep. My heart races for no apparent reason -- sometimes going over 100 bpm while at rest.[/QUOTE]

If you have allergies, or chemical sensitivities, when you come into contact with an allergen or an irritant, your endocrine system pours out chemicals (hormones) into your blood stream, such as adrenaline. Some of these hormones can cause your heart to misfire and race.

The bed is the worst place for allergies, so it doesn't surprise me that so many people have heart rhythm problems in bed.

To make things more complex, everyone's body also has a circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm effects when, and how often, hormones get pumped into your blood stream. For instance, at night your pineal gland is "programmed" to pour melatonin, among other things, into your body to aid in sleeping. At night, then, the hormones in your blood stream are somewhat different from those during the day. So........ since your body's endocrine system is constantly changing, it makes diagnosis that much more difficult.

Have you ever walked outside and become nauseous and felt your heart jumping, and then on another day, you walked outside and nothing happened?

Have you ever been able to relate something you ate, or something that touched your skin, or something that you breathed, with an increase in your symptoms?

[QUOTE]Is it possible there is something physical that hasn't been ruled out by all the tests I've had, or is this all in my mind? Please help me before I go crazy.[/QUOTE]

I think that you have just had bad luck, in that your symptoms have not been present during testing. There are many in a similar boat as you, perhaps not with the same exact symptoms, but with heart related rhythm problems without apparent heart disease.

Good luck with finding the source(s) of your symptoms.
Simon-john, that's very odd. I injured my lower back in June, and it seemed to get better around September or so, and then these problems started in November. Weird coincidence, that. I wonder if it's related. The thing that worries me most about that time was that I was on a pretty high dosage of Naproxen during that time, and I wonder if that damaged my heart. So far not even my doctors seem to know how Naproxen affects the heart. Needless to say I've stopped taking it. Thankfully, I live in Canada, so I haven't had to endure the financial hardship along with the physical and emotional ones. It's not fair that you should have to choose between a test to determine if something is seriously wrong with you or your rent for the month.

PhoS, good to hear you're feeling better. I've been out of work for the better part of six months, and I have no doubt that having my mind and body unoccupied for such a long time has exacerbated whatever underlying condition I might have. I start work next Monday, and after the initial bit of stress that accompanies a new job, I hope it'll help get my mind off things too. Still, there's always night time, isn't there? Hehe. Sorry to sound so negative, I just seem to get the worst symptoms right around bed time.

richdaws, best of luck at the doctor. Our symptoms sound similar too. Everybody has said from the beginning that my problem is anxiety related, and I'm certain anxiety has played a part, but I'm having a hard time accepting it's all in my head. I suppose my unwillingness to accept it may be the biggest roadblock in my recovery, but I just can't seem to overcome it. Sometimes my symptoms will come on out of the blue when I'm not anxious or stressed about anything. Does that ever happen to you?

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