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Does any1 have a clue as to what is wrong with me?

Last night i was driving back from a football match when i got a real bad pain in the middle/left side of my chest. It was like a sharp stabbing pain. It then spread to my shoulder and through my back. My left arm also started to ache real bad and feel like the blood had been cut off to it.

Its hard to descrive but its like real bad indigestion feeling in the chest. Or like a broken rib or something.

My pulse also shot up to 140 bpm +.

The pain in my chest got worse everytime i breathed in. It felt like id been stabbed and the knife dug in a bit more with every breath i took.

I got home and the pain faded after about 30 minutes. I went to bed and this morning i woke up, still in pain but not as bad. The pain is all around my chest and left shoulder area.

I had this same pain on 23rd December. Exactly the same but on the other side of my body. I got taken to hospital on this occassion. They did x-rays, ultrasound of the heart, blood tests, ecg. All come back OK. But my heart was beating slightly fast and the doc has put me on verapamiul to slow the heart down. They sent me home the next day and i had the pain for about a week after. Then it faded away.

Since then i havtn had the pain but my heart races a lot and i have put this down to anxiety.

Then last night it come back exactly the same but the other side. I wasnt anxious, i was just driving home with a mate. Then pain is still here too and if it was anxiety the pain wouldnt last would it?

Any ideas. I am most concerned.

20 y/o male. Slightly under weight, 6" tall.

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