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... I wouldn't worry if I were you. How are you feeling in general? some athletes have resting heartrate or 40 something. if you are so worried, see a doctor or even call for advice nurse. best of luck. (5 replies)
... still heart rate has always measured about 60 BPM, but last night when I was falling asleep I measured it at about 45 BPM.. Then today when I woke up, it was about 48.. ... (5 replies)
... times a week for about 30 mins each time.... I went to the doctor today and she said my heart rate was 40bpm? ... (2 replies)

... My heart trouble continued to increase in severity, and I also developed extreme fatigue, nausea upon eating anything, and joint pain that is undescribable. ... (13 replies)
... ever since my early teens or longer, which I've left alone until now. I just thought it was no big deal and that the results must be wrong. Heart disease also runs in the family. ... (9 replies)
... and when I walk or get up, I don't seem to have as high a heart beat... the only thing I'm worried about now, is that when I had my first EKG done, I had sinus brachycardia...53 bpm registered on the EKG. ... (10 replies)
... I see. I have SVT too since a year and a half. taking meds. i know the more you think about our heart, it can bring on anxiety. Whynot get it checked. I am sure you are fine. BB (5 replies)
... an athelete... my heart's defiantly no in shape like it should be.. but I've been trying to exersize recently. I've had SVT before, so I've always been scared of heart problems.. it makes it so that I can't sleep at night. ... (5 replies)
... OI is the presence of symptoms due to inadequate cerebral perfusion on assuming the upright posture. The usual symptoms include fatigue, nausea, lightheadedness, heart palpitations, sweating, and sometimes passing out. Many persons with medically proven OI have been assumed to have emotional problems when they don't. ... (7 replies)
... An Ectopic beat is an electrical stimulation of cardiac contraction, or the electricity that makes the heart muscle move, beat, but it is beginning at some point other than the SinoAtrial node, the normal spot where the heart fires off a normal rhythm. ... (3 replies)
... Summary of symptoms: Appeared out of the blue about four weeks ago. Had EKG - normal, and 24 hr. holter, results listed below. Dr. called yesterday and said that Holter results are normal, but I have a fast heat rate. My symptoms are fast pulse, sob, dizziness, flutters, slight stabbing pains (all of this on the left side). Anyway, I guess the Holter results are good... (3 replies)
... xperienced deconditioning and have been very sedentary. The pain in my chest area though is affected by moving and body position... this wouldn't be typical of a heart problem.. and it's there when I'm lying down very relaxed with a rate of 72 bpm. I've taken Tylenol for it and it doesn't help, so I don't think it's muscular... ... (10 replies)
... (5 replies)
... my heart is just irritable, and over does its response to things like that ... ... (5 replies)
... Any comments welcome ...just don't scare me anymore or my heart rate will go off the roof! ... (0 replies)
... I am new here and hope someone can help clear up some confusion for me. 3 weeks ago I went to my PCP for a checkup and he was listening to my heart and said I had a heart murmur. He said they are normally innocent but wanted me to see a cardiologist to be sure. ... (3 replies)
... direct center pressure I had pre stent, more like a burning across the chest and its not worse with exersise, its the same as when im sitting in a chair with my heart at resting rate of 54 bpm.... ... (7 replies)
... I have Bradycardia :( Now I'm scared.. (5 replies)
... yea, if I feel the need I'll call a local clinic or something. Thanks for your help! :) (5 replies)

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