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Hello, I'm new here and just found this message board.
Anyway, I recently went to the DR because I was having chest pains, pain in my arm, trouble breathing, dizziness and numbness in my hands. The DR diagnosed me with having hyperventilition syndrome which was anxiety related. I'm a 34 year old female.
Since then I've had problems with palpitations. I guess that's what you'd call them. THe time I usually have them is in the morning when I'm just waking. They usually only last for a minute or two then go away. Until yesterday and I had them during the day. I was sick though and had a little caffeine.
My heart doesn't pound or race just feels a little funny. The only way I can describe it is purring{like you put your hand on a cats throat when's he's purring}. I know that sounds crazy but that's the way it feels. Or possibly like a rolling sensation. And sometimes it feels like there's an extra beat between the normal beats. But usually it just feels normal except for the purring sensation. And yesterday and today every so often I'll feel a little thump in my chest then it goes away.
I'm still having some periods of dizziness{it's more like spaciness, it only lasts a second then it's gone but I'll also feel a little nauseated and I'll feel this little thump at the same time which only lasts a few seconds. I was sick yesterday and haven't been feeling too good though.} except for a couple of times{in the past couple of weeks} when I thought I was going to pass out but there were no other symptoms.
About a month ago I went through a very stressful event and have been under alot of stress frrom other things too.
THe first time this purring sensation came over me I had just fallen asleep for the night and it awoke me and after that I had only one other episode I think. I didn't even think about it when I went to the DR because it had been a couple of weeks since I'd experienced it.
I was most frightened when I went to the DR thinking I was having a heart attack. They did an EKG and a chest x-ray. My BP was 120/70 but is usually 110/60 and sometimes lower. My pulse was normal and everything was normal except in an x-ray the DR said he saw signs of bronchitis which I hadn't really had any symptoms other than feeling like I needed to cough something up every so often.
It was after this that the purring got alot worse and is happening every morning. I have an appt with a cardiologist on friday but it can get really worrisome at times and that seems to make my symptoms worse and I seem to be more aware of my heart beating.
The only other things I've had more trouble with lately has been sinus problems{stuffy nose} and digestive problems both of which I've had for years.
I'm not sure what could have suddenly made the funny sensations worse. The DR gave me Zithromax{for the bronchitis} which I've taken before, bextra for the pain which I can't take because it upsets my stomach. And I haven't used the inhaler he gave me or the xanax{for the anxiety}. My MOm says I should probably take a little of the xanax especially when I feel a little panicky which generally only happens if I start to think about my symptoms too much and start thinking it might kill me.
THe other thing I've noticed is I seem to be more sensitive to sounds, smell and feeling. If my stomach rumbles it sounds like a lion roaring and it's like I can feel every twitch or pain I have and everything is more pronounced. And I've been having frequent nightmares of death.
Anyway, I don't smoke, drink, drink caffeine almost never but was losing alot of sleep to due to stress.
Sorry for such a long post.
Does or has anyone else experiences these funny feelings in their chest? Or any of these other symptoms?
BTW, all this started with an old, faulty furnace.

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