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I have had several instance where it feels like something pulling or tearing in my chest, and I called the doctor some month ago. Due to my computer being down, (voip phone) I did not get a message that they had set up a stress test until the reminder call the afternoon before, which was not possible of me to keep. I have regurgitation in all four valves, the aortic being the most severe (moderate to severe regurg). I have had regular echos for the last few years and was not to see the doctor for a whole year as of my last echo and visit. When these episodes occur, it feels like something tearing or pulling and I have an instance of not being able to get my breath momentarily, and then I am fine. I have had some episodes of feeling like I was going to faint, but I routinely have an extremely low BP. The area is just above the breast of the left side of my chest under the clavicle, if anyone knows their anatomy. I rescheduled the stress test but they cannot do for a couple of weeks, and even then I will not have the actual treadmill test due to other health issues, but rather the thallium, or other artifical inducement of stress. I just wonder if I should wait a couple of weeks to see the cardiologist in light of my history and the fact that I have 4 compromised valves. What do you guys think? I had the last "episode" just prior to my calling on August 9, but that was the 3rd or 4th time that it happened over the last 4 months. Had a negative cath just over 2 years ago, and TEE was done around the same time. No other heart issues but do have elevated triglycerides despite statin therapy. Cholesterol levels have been controlled with statins.
Finally got stress test results and was told no blockage. I was upset as I did not ever talk to the doctor, I do not think my inquiry was stated correctly or thoroughly to the doctor by his nurse. My chief complaint was a tearing sensation (described in original post)on three separate occasions. It was so sharp and severe a pain that it took my breath momentarily. It literally felt as if something was ripping. I do have severe aortic regurgitation and mild to moderate regurgitaion in the other three valves. I am worried about aortic dissection, due to my incompetent aortic valve. I was hoping they would do an echo for followup. What do I do? When I tried to question the nurse, she got defensive over the phone and in frustration, I just said thanks and hung up, as I felt I was getting no where with her. Any wisdom here?
Finally got through to the doctor and he wants to see me re: tearing sensation in chest. I go later this month. His regular nurse apologized profusely as she was on vacation when I originally called. I am glad that finally I got them to hear me.

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