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ok.... guess where i was last night?????? the ER !!! i was just not feeling right at all from the early afternoon. around midnight i decided to go to the ER. i was having such a tightness and pain in my chest, i was nauseous, and i was freezing, yet sweating! so off i went with my daughter. well, after being hooked up to the ekg, and an exam, they determined i had a very irregular heart beat, plus it was beating a bit too fast... 149 to be exact. my b/p was 160/100, and they gave me a nitro tablet in my mouth. it took about 2 hours for everything to come back down to normal. they diagnosed me with an angina attack... although my own dr never actually said that! i didn't stay there.. i felt ok enough to come home. they told me of course to see my own dr asap...which i knew i was going to do today anyway. so i went to see him this morning. he was surprised, but he said not too surprised, because of the results of my previous tests and the fact that my b/p has been high for a couple of weeks now, and the big change in my cholesterol levels all of a sudden. he changed my medications to at first metoprolol or something like that, then decided to stick to his original decision to put me back on the atenelol..but he increased the dosage to 50 mg bid instead of 25mg. i did take that years ago, and i don't remember any side effects other than my b/p going too low at times, but they kept changing the dosage until one worked...and he gave me nitro as well...but he still feels it is more of an isolated incident of chest pains, and not true full blown angina. whatever he wants to call still hurt. what is good is i am fine b/p is a bit high, but not too bad.. it was 148/95 at the dr's office. he told me i didn't have to wean off the bystolic, to start the atenelol tomorrow,,,and carry the nitro with me in my purse...well i will as well as a bottle of aspirin!! now i am a bit nervous that this is gonna happen again. he did say i need to come in in 2 weeks just for a check, and then he said we will discuss an angiogram again! i'll see how i feel and then i'll see what he says. so now i am all jittery and nervous which isn't gonna help i'm sure.. but as long as i know i didn't and am not gonna have a heart attack, i will stay calm. i don't know if i should go for those tests tomorrow with the lung dr. for some strange reason, i think i was just getting myself all worked up into a frenzy of panic thinking they are gonna find something wrong with my lungs that that is what caused my attack. do you think that was possible? because i think i trust my own dr more than the er dr's... he knows me better and didn't think i actually had angina before. he does say i have cad and alot of plaque build up in my arteries..hence the want for the angiogram.. but actual angina?? he never said that. but he said having the nitro is not going to hurt me and if i feel a chest pain that is too severe that i should use it. so now, after seeing him in 2 weeks, he wants me to come in once a month for a while and we'll take it from there. i guess this was a little scary, so i won't complain..i know i have been whining alot lately. now i know what you feel ALL the time dan.. i feel sorry for you. the rest of today.. i stayed in and stayed calm. i do feel much better. the pain is gone. i am still a bit nervous. but i am taking deep breaths and telling myself it was not a heart attack and i'm ok. so if i still go tomorrow to that other dr.. i'll let you know how that goes! gheeze...what next???

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