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So, for about probably almost half a year or more now I've been experiencing the most unusual bodily symptoms, however they are very disturbing as well as perturbing. I often worry there could be something extremely wrong, however most times I go to the doctor they all dismiss it as something normal. However, I was wondering if anybody else had some more helpful insight?

Before listing the symptoms though, I have Asthma, I smoke, but am in the process of quitting and have only smoked for about a year, at least with cigarettes that is, I take 20mg of Adderall daily, two of needed, and I had an EKG test about 2 years ago and it said that everything was perfect, however this was also before I was prescribed the Ad. I'm about 5'7 1/2 and fluctuate between about 130-135 Lbs.

1. Alternating pulses, sometimes it will be racing very quickly, and then sometimes it slows down to the point that I check my pulse to make sure it's beating at all. Also, sometimes when it's racing, if I take a breath it feels like it skips a beat.

2. Sometimes when I try to fall asleep I will have this very sharp pain down the entire center of my chest that radiates over also to the left side, it worsens as I take breaths.

3. I often feel weird pulsations around my chest that are felt in my stomach and upper back as well. Sometimes they feel like they travel all the way down to my feet.

4. The lymph nodes on my chest are significant swollen, and I keep getting little poppable bumps on my chest lately, but I've never been prone to acne and never got things like this on my chest before. (However, i think it perhaps could be a heat rash from using a heating pad at night to dull the chest pain)

5. At times it feels like I can't feel my left arm, I know it's not numb though because I'll pinch it to make sure and I can feel everything fine. Also, my hands sometimes look an awkward pale/reddish color.

6. I'm not sure if it's related, but also lately I've been getting a blue-purple tint in my legs and feet, and the soles of my feet ache when i walk

7. I also experience sharp or unpleasant pains under my left ribs, occasionally on the right side too, but it's not common.

8. Sometimes the pain in my chest can be also felt in my stomach and I often feel the sensation of fluids transferring from one side to the other, or air or whatever it is, but it's not gas or anything like that. I also feel this in my chest sometimes, the sensation of air or something shifting.

9. The most perturbing symptom however that I experience from time to time is the physical pop or jolt of my chest. First it feels like a weird pressure, then usually if i'm sitting up it feels as if a water balloon around my lympnodes just popped open and my shoulder sort of twitches forward, and then there is a dull ache of pain and it goes away. When i'm laying down however, the same sensation occurs except my entire chest/body literally jerks back.

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