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Hi I'm an 18 year old male who is 180 lbs.
In November I had attacks that would get my heart rate up to 150 with shortness of breath and chest pains. I saw a cardiologist who ran stress test, echo, blood test, EKG, and event monitor all which came back normal and said I was having panic attacks.
Ever since then I've been having chest pain (ranging from shooting, burning, dull ache, and tightness) which has occurred on both left and right side but never middle, and it also happens almost everyday. I also get left arm pain, left shoulder blade pain, and left jaw pain as well (not connected to excersize) almost everyday. These pains never occur together though and always only one of these hurts by itself.
Also I get heart palpitations every once in awhile. Recently when running sometimes at the end of the 30 minute run I experience light headedness and minor shortness of breath wait a rush feeling in my chest that only last a few seconds. I also got a very small nose bleed when this happened once. Also when running my hr is usually 185

Sorry for it being long but I was wondering if these are all still part of cardiac pains even though my heart was cleared or is something else going on?

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