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... up, but I know he is going to recommend ablation and I'd just like to know how "bad" the experience really is ... ... (2 replies)
... hours. It started from swallowing my evening meds, about 15 pills. It seemed a little different this time. ... (2 replies)
... Also get a 2nd opinion if it makes you feel better and you can review your options. I was orginally from the same area you live.. you have a LOT of great hospitals to choose from. Good luck!!! ... (2 replies)

... I was diagnosed with SVT and had 2 instances of it. One was at 280bpm. I tried the ablation procedure but they couldn't trigger it off with me. ... (2 replies)
... 15 pills?! Wow! I am on several different medications. I take them at least 30 minutes apart to avoid interactions between the meds. In some cases I take meds 2 hours apart because when I take them too close together, they cause me to suffer from breathing problems and hard, fast heartbeats. I also have to be careful about the foods, drinks and supplements that I... (2 replies)
... bpm then slow 60 bpm then fast then slow then skipping beats then jumping out of my chest. It only went too fast a couple times a week and I had slow skipping stuff a couple times a week too for a year or so before the procedure now I got all this stuff goin on. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, please excuse the long post but I need to vent a little and get a little feed back from others that know where I am coming from, ya know? ... (1 replies)
... d my heart definitely feels calmer than ever, now I'm told that I have other areas that are reactive and my diagnosis is ectopic atrial tachycardia. I could have a second ablation but choose not to. ... (3 replies)
... Thank you for all the information.You are helpful. I'm glad that your ablation worked out so well. My ablation is most likely a successful one as my heart has been beating nearly perfectly since the ablation 10 days ago. ... (47 replies)
... flutter , but, I haven't had any weight gain. I have to have a repeat ablation as the first one was not totally successful. Can you tell me where you had your ablation done and why you had to have another one? ... (3 replies)
... Has anyone else noticed a weight change after an ablation? ... (3 replies)
... I had an ablation in March 2006 for Atrial Flutter. Afterwards, I had terrible runs of PACs and skips. ... (38 replies)
... actually this is my second ablation for it. First was 14 months ago, last was three weeks ago. ... (1 replies)
Cardiac ablation
Apr 1, 2006
... I desperately need advice, i had a cardiac catheter ablation done 5 weeks ago for paroxysmal AF, atrial flutter and atrial tachycardia, the flutter has been ablated but the other problems remain. since the ablation i have been plagued with problems and been in and out of hospital. ... (5 replies)
My ablation story
Nov 22, 2005
... Timber, you said a PVC is what starts the SVT, does that mean that a PVC is a flutter feeling in your chest, because that is what I get. A flutter or a flip flop and sometimes I go into SVT and sometimes I don't. Usually after I have had a lot of flutters for a few days I go into full blown SVT. ... (14 replies)
... ever swelled. perhaps that's because they took sections of veins out of both legs and never did open them totally. it's been 3 yrs and i think you will also have a sucess story. they sure do alot of them. ... (4 replies)
... a powerful drug which has a life span of only a few seconds. ... (10 replies)
... Ectopic beats feel like a flutter in your chest or as if your heart is missing a beat. When they happen a lot it is very uncomfortable and can cause much anxiety. I have had monitors many times for different rhythm disturbances. ... (69 replies)
... yes it is really strange. when i went to the ER there were immediately a few docs which told me that i had to do an ablation. they were so keen on doing it ! but then a few days later ( i had to stay in hospital 4 days) they spoke completely different... they said it was too early etc... you know there are a few docs which would immediately have done it, and there are a... (14 replies)
... They are not going to be doing a ablation on a nerve, which is termed an accesory pathway.... ... (14 replies)

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