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... All i know is that it has taken a hell of a long time for me to get my life back to normal and im not there yet as i have panic attacks and keep wanting to go to the ER but manage to talk myself out of it. ... (11 replies)
PVC ablation
Jun 2, 2006
... im always reading about how unsuccesful pvc ablations are. well i was at my cardio appt last week and he was really urging me to get it done. ... (2 replies)
... penk, did you have healthy heart 8 yrs ago when the holter showed 14,000? do you think your pvc's came before the CHF(if thats what u have im not sure) do you think the pvc;s contributed to it at all? i know that is the worse case scenario with pvc;s it is possible if you have enough to get CHF from it and in that case my doc said i would need another ablation. its tempting... (9 replies)

... Mimiof3, It really wasn't that bad. No pain, but long and tiring. I was out of it but not completely asleep. I woke up alot and heard more than I cared to. I could feel the burning. It wasn't painful, but a weird sensation. They had to shock my heart at first because it went into atrial flutter and wouldn't come out. That wasn't fun. They think you are more asleep... (6 replies)
... If you don't mind. I would love to think it were an option for me, but electro doc says my pvc's are firing from many diff. areas. Says he doubts a good autcome. ... (6 replies)
... i dont have regular medical of right now im unisured. so i cant get anything for anxiety. the sleep med rx is is left over from a few monthes ago when i didnt really need it. i really hate this. ... (9 replies)
... my heart pounded for about a yr or two after my ablation. i was a mess worrying about it but it got better in time, just like the docs said. ... (3 replies)
... Hello all. I have posted a few times, but mostly lurk and read. I have had a history of PVC's for about 10 yrs. Before that, I had sporadic incidences, that would scare me, but it was only 1 PVC. ... (34 replies)
... ode but they went ahead and ablated it. i could tell my heart was a little irritated after the procedure because it would pound a little when i would move around for a couple monthes after BUT that went away. about 3 monthes after the procedure i started getting lots pvc's... ... (2 replies)
... i had bad palps for 2 yrs after my ablation...not any psvt, just sinus tachy. it slowly just got better with time. BUT i still have pvc's like crazy. 3000 a day. ... (5 replies)
... well i dont know anything about the med ur taking. i know its been offered to me but i wont take anything.....i have a few questions for u about ur condition. have they confirmed that its sinus tachycardia? ... (11 replies)
... was absolutely worth it. I've since met with the doctor many times, we've kept in touch, and he has told me that I was one of two that were the toughest. Thus, for so much risks, a great deal of good came out of it. I had so much fear going into it. ... (11 replies)
... Your yawning is a normal cardiac reaction. It sounds like you sense the need for air, hypoxic, but this need can also be compounded by fear. In fact, fear itself could create it. There is another factor, proper sleeping habits. ... (11 replies)
... yea for the post again, i sometimes just cant see how someone who was so active got this, but never the less it dont bother me anymore. ... (11 replies)
... proper care to any part of the body is simply wise and could potentially provide stronger resistance if not some form of preventative care for yourself. As I had written to you previously, PVC's are normal in everyone. ... (11 replies)
... Thank you for the thorough post. ... (11 replies)
... Thanks for your post. I do have periodontal disease in the late stages and will be going to the dentist as soon as i get my works dental plan to have the plaque removed. ... (11 replies)
... I am not trying to be negative, and I'm certain that ablation is the best option for some people, but the longer you can delay the procedure the more advanced the procedure will become. ... (11 replies)
... reactive protein and other markers for inflammation. ... (11 replies)
... k a day for the past 4 years, that two docs and two cardios said it was fine after some tests. ... (11 replies)

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