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... k a day for the past 4 years, that two docs and two cardios said it was fine after some tests. ... (11 replies)
... l range has an electrical anomaly. As we age so do our muscles and that is why many cardiac symptoms become more prominent in the twenties. Take a rubber band, for example, a new one can stretch, rebound, and stretch again without much change to its body. ... (11 replies)
Dec 23, 2005
... Thank you for the reply. I panic pretty bad when it comes to things like that. I talked to the doctor today and they started me on toprol twice a day. ... (12 replies)

My ablation story
Nov 23, 2005
... we don't have thanksgiving in sister is in the us for a holiday.she is having her first thanksgiving..................good luck when you see the doctor. ... (14 replies)
My ablation story
Nov 22, 2005
... Timber, you said a PVC is what starts the SVT, does that mean that a PVC is a flutter feeling in your chest, because that is what I get. A flutter or a flip flop and sometimes I go into SVT and sometimes I don't. ... (14 replies)
... Thank you so much for your response. ... (18 replies)
Do PVC'S ????
Aug 15, 2005
... i have had so many rhythm problems (atrial) for several years now. i have had 2 ablations in two years time. i know i also have pacs but they say they can't treat them. i am on cardizem, toprol xl, and comadin right now also others that are not related to this. i go to the cardiologist next week at the university hospt. that treated me to see if the flutters have disappeared.... (11 replies)
Do PVC'S ????
Aug 14, 2005
... GEE, i hope i did not give a member the wrong answer by saying "my cardiologist sayd not to worry about my pacs. they don't do anything for them". i have had two albations for fib and flutter. ... (11 replies)
... Also im 23 and im having one for my PVC's, im a little worried but i hear its fast and easy. ... (3 replies)
... till i have atrial flutter which are very noticeable irregular beats. i also have pacs, they say lots of them, but they don't fix this. my flutters come and go . ablation was last march and i had 8 days of almost non stop fluttering. i hope that my blood being so thin from medication just keeps me from having a stroke. ... (56 replies)
... it's been a month since my last ablation at the university hospt. they said ater a few weeks that i still had what i went in for for them to fix. i have just been thru 8 days of thumps, bumps and a lot of anxiety as though my heart was angry from the operation. ... (56 replies)
... strong organ. You can lose half of your heart's pumping ability and still survive with a fairly good quality of life. That is why it normally takes so many years for a heart to become significantly damaged. ... (9 replies)
Babag please help
Jan 12, 2005
... then i got weak, a little out of breathe and went home. i always feel better sitting. i stopped aat the groc . store for just a few things in our town 25 miles away. when i got out of the car, i felt weak and sorta dizzy. i went home instead. ... (16 replies)
... hey lowered from 200 to 100 and now 50 in the am and 50 at night. my walking is better but not yet gone. it goes in waves. the medicine was reduced because after ablation of the atrial, my blood pressure turned low and after 5months it is still low. ... (11 replies)
... i was on 200 mg for my high blood pressure a couple of years ago. ... (11 replies)
... lly couldnt stand them in the bigeminy form at all. I havnt had bigem in a month today. I still have pvcs somedays 2 somedays 40 but they say it takes 3 months for the heart to settle down and the scars to heal from the ablation. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks for your response. The article is a little confusing because it makes it sound like the more pvc's you get the higher your chance of dying from them. ... (5 replies)
Babag please help
Sep 15, 2004
... I am considering an ablation for SVT. Do either of you know what the difference between SVT and PVC is? ... (16 replies)
... littleone I had an ablation were I was not asleep. For the exact same reason you said. In fact my second ablation they had to bring me out of sedation because I wasnt having them either. However they did manage to get them started and threw me into vtach..... ... (69 replies)
... maybe the ablation causes some damage or it might be the scar tissue from the ablation that is causing us these palpatations, they are so bothersome and annoying! Did you develop SVT after the first ablation? ... (69 replies)

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