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... Thanks for the insight Terry. I've read a lot about all the things that chest pain could be when it is in the center of your chest. ... (8 replies)
... rted suddenly falling asleep at the wheel. Tested for sleep apnea and narcolepsy, both negative. A couple of days ago I started feeling this strange dull, aching left chest pain, ache in left upper shoulders and numbness, tingling in left arm that seemed to get worse by the day. Felt like right before your arm falls asleep. ... (1 replies)
... I after a MI 6 years ago and a stent inplanted still have simular pains and all Dr's say it's not my heart but the muscle pulling from my chest bone, there's a name for it? ... (5 replies)

... or discomfort in chest and left arm approx 4 years ago. ... (5 replies)
... not really raising my HR much, the pain would reappear in my shoulder with each landing. Its then that I realized that I was running and tensing my left shoulder in such a way to provoke this. Anyway, I am going tangential to your question. ... (5 replies)
... Well lets see, ill start by saying my symptoms have been going on for over a year now and are seemingly getting worse these days. Those symptoms are chest pain in middle of chest, sometimes moves into upper left side and under left side ribs. Its an all over ache that is sometimes even in my back. ... (10 replies)
Heart problem?
Aug 31, 2012
... since I was 16. I've been trying to tell if I have a heart problem or a lung issue but I'm leaning more towards heart. Every now and then I get this pain in the upper left portion of my chest that goes thru to my back, kind of in the area you would put your hand if you were saying the pledge of allegiance. ... (1 replies)
... location is upper far left chest, below left nipple, above left nipple. side of left chest, sometimes an inch right of the left nipple, sometimes top upper left ribcage. I having this almost every day for the past week. today my lower inside left arm is little bit hurt. not terribly. ... (0 replies)
... Sometimes when I try to fall asleep I will have this very sharp pain down the entire center of my chest that radiates over also to the left side, it worsens as I take breaths. ... (2 replies)
... My concern is left arm pain located on the inner part of my upper arm. This pain can happen at any time can be sharp or a dull ache. There is no chest pain or shortness of breath with the pain. Can this pain be heart related? ... (3 replies)
... d out especially if it's persistant, occurs in a new location, or when you least expect it. Heart pain is often first felt as a dull pressure that's more like an ache when you exert yourself. You can check this by going up one or two flights of stairs. How do you feel then? ... (1 replies)
... as fine . ekg's are always good . generally have this crankey feeling in left side of chest it comes and goes, also feels like it goes down the inner area of my upper arm from my arm pit maybe a few inches and some times feel as those theres something stuck in my esopagus. ... (0 replies)
... What does the echo actually involve? and how long does it usually take? I found the ECG embarrassing enough with my weight/size and the lady doing it had to ask me to relax three times because I was too tense to get a proper result? I am also stressed because since he mentioned this I have been getting more symptoms, which seem strange, I'm sure some of it is in my head... (5 replies)
... an arm pain won't usually be the ONLY pain. It's most often chest pain AND arm pain, or heartburn and arm ache. ... (9 replies)
... it was most profound on the upper left side of my chest at first. ... (8 replies)
... Hello everyone, I am very concerned about my dad's health, and worried that his heart can stop any minute. My dad is 62 years old, and on the left side of his chest (under his left armpit), he mostly feels heavy pressure, and rarely pain, as if there is something clogged in the arteries. That clog moves around because sometimes he feels the same thing on his upper left... (3 replies)
... were both normal as was an upper GI. ... (5 replies)
... A few months ago I started having chest pain. A dull ache in the center of my chest. I am 43, female, do not smoke, do not have high bp or high cholesterol, and no history of diabetes or family heart probs. ... (0 replies)
Heart palpatations
Aug 12, 2013
... ed such as splashing freezing cold water over myself. I had another one today, which again I managed to stop after half an hour. My main concern is that I've got chest pain which has become quite a noticeable ache on my left shoulder and upper arm. ... (0 replies)
... also stopped going to the cardiologist on my own because i was tired of feeling like that. well, i was ok until this past year or so, when i started getting the chest pains and tightness, the weakness in my left arm, sweating, shortness of because i smoked too much, i decided to go to the dr.. and here i am. ... (187 replies)

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