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... I came here with the same question on Beta blockers and alcohol. I'm only 20 and have been having the PVC's for about a year. ... (4 replies)
... I have gotten the verdict that my PAC's & PVC's are benign. That's great!! However, they are just too disruptive to my life, and I want to try to suppress them, if I can. I've cut out caffiene, sugar, alcohol, added calcium, magnesium - you name it. No change whatsoever. So - I'm ready to try drugs. My cardiologists nurse said "we only work with Toprol XL". Okay... ... (10 replies)
... Is it cool to drink alcohol while on beta blockers? ... (3 replies)

... effects from the beta blocker which are present with or WITHOUT alcohol. ... (7 replies)
... Willdo - answer to some of the questions posed. I don't smoke, I am not overweight, have stopped drinking coffee months ago, gave up alcohol (the little that I did drink on occassion) and have not taken any medication other than atenolol. You asked what horrendous effects I had from this medication, so I'll tell you. For some reason, this pill [did not make me tired or... (8 replies)
... Give the alcohol a miss for a while and see what happens. ... (2 replies)
... The type of tachycardia I have, they told me it isn't harmful. If i have even a small amount of alcohol I start getting really hot and sweat and my heart pounds very fast, I also sometimes get pain behind my ear and jaw. ... (2 replies)
... Can you drink alcohol while taking beta blockers? ... (1 replies)
... I am not saying that the alcohol and meds combined caused it but the alcohol when you already have issues going on with your heart can definitely make things worse. He's been told NO drinking at all. ... (4 replies)
... I wouldnt use flecainide, it sounds too trisky. That "more than DOUBLING" of second heart attacks in the bold WARNING section of the drug sheet is too scary. Really, we take these drugs to SAVE our hearts, not destroy them. Also it is a fact fact that in many instances it has been shown to be PRO arrhythmic...just what you need, right? I don't think there are any... (4 replies)
... Also what are the dangers of alcohol with this drug? ... (4 replies)
... both -- i run 5-6 days a week... i'm BB not for HR but for arythmia. before all this heart issue & meds stuff my HR was still 55-65 (13 replies)
... Lucky you! Are you on beta blockers or something, or are you just really fit? ... (13 replies)
... I thought the same thing that drinking would lower your heart rate. Apparently that is not true in my case. I take my beta blocker in the morning, so I'm sure that little 1.25mg is mostly worn off by the time I have a drink. ... (13 replies)
... Well, so far, besides the faster rate and alcohol intolerance - I do like the metoprolol better. Much less SOB and I seem to be SLIGHTLY less tired. I DO like the idea of burning more calories. Lord knows I need that!!!!!!!! Thanks :) (6 replies)
... I was on a beta blocker for a year and had an occasional drink. I would have a drink at home first to see how it effects you. ... (3 replies)
... Alcohol affects people differently and circumstances will affect people differently at other times. There is psychobiological component related to alcohol. Some people at times become mellow and relaxed and obviously the state one's system is different from times if and when one is agitated, billigerent, obnoxious, etc. after a few drinks. Obviously these people will have... (7 replies)
... Im 21 so alcohol was a regular thing for me . ... (7 replies)
... I find the alcohol increases my heart rate but it depends what i am drinking. ... (7 replies)
... I would never have thought alcohol could SPEED UP the heart rate... wow. ... (7 replies)

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