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... The question is about my heart rate. ... (5 replies)
... n and probably 'fear.' I would guess that your physician isn't too worried about your situation in large part due to your youth. But people at any age can have heart rhythm issues, and they don't have to be serious, either, just annoying. ... (5 replies)
... welcome! Personally, that's your call. The monitor DID pick up your high heart rate and the good thing is that it was "self terminating" which means that it stopped on its own. ... (2 replies)

... But if you do read through this lengthy post, I thank you. But here goes. Five years ago I was diagnosed with high heart rate by an ER physician. I had went in that night due to an elevated heart rate which at the time was unusual for me. ... (5 replies)
... but all in which I was trying to sleep and my heart felt like was beating so fast and hard it was going to break through my ribcage and skin at any moment. ... (3 replies)
... I had to go to the doctor because I had palpatations and trouble breathing. When my blood pressure was taken it was 190 over 130 and the doctor said it was as high as an 80 year old woman ready to have a stroke. Ran a ton of test that cost me 7 K....stress, heart moniter, blood work etc. Everything came back negative. ... (0 replies)
Heart palpitations
Jul 16, 2007
... Last year after a long night of beer drinking, I woke up, and my heart was racing at a speed faster than it would playing a contact sport. I went to try to take a shower, but I was so faint that I could barely stand up. ... (3 replies)
... in some ppl it does up your heart rate thats why ppl tend to get pvc's with drinking and high blood presure,thats why the doctor tells you not to drink,if it lowered blood presure and lowered your heart rate we whould all get drunk, im 33 and have pcs's an a-fib,ive had it first time at 22,about once a month i will drink about 6 to 8 beers it does cause more pvc's,but never... (13 replies)
... I have done cocaine and ate mushrooms once during the summer. I have smoked saliva unsuccessfully. I also have been drinking Alcohol very regularly, about almost everyday during the summer. I never had very bad experiences with any of these substances. Marijuana gave me high heart beat. ... (4 replies)
Heart Rate
Jun 13, 2005
... and episodes can happen suddenly and disappear just as fast. I have never had a sudden attack like this nor has my heart rate reached anywhere near this high. ... (3 replies)
PVCs and alcohol
Mar 28, 2016
... Anyways, I want to know if alcohol and pvcs will do any harm? ... (1 replies)
Heart Problems?
Dec 10, 2012
... aybe someone will see this and relate and have some answers. I have been having heart problems for about a year, I will wake up in the middle of the night and my heart will be racing, of course I have freaked out a couple times and called the paramedics. ... (2 replies)
... increased high blood pressure off and on. ... (8 replies)
... borderline high with high pulse rate. ... (2 replies)
... es it cause these symptoms. What you're are referring to is called orthostatic hypotension. This is not to be confused with low blood pressure as even those with high blood pressure can have this. ... (7 replies)
... long tendency towards uncomfortable heart and blood pressure problems. ... (7 replies)
Apr 25, 2008
... or is it just so that i wont be in a situation where i would panic again cos of high heart rate? ... (6 replies)
... Been taking toprol xl for 11 days which has stopped the svt but has had no effect on my resting hr. I know having a rate this high is not good and can lead to problems, thanks for answering my earlier question on that. ... (3 replies)
... Hello EDC Light, These are comments only, and I am not medically qualified, but have a rather complex cardiac history. There are many cardiac arrhythmias- some serious and some not. These abnormal electrical impulses can derive from the atria (top part of heart) or the ventricles (the bottom part).Some will have no obvious cause, but others will have... (6 replies)
... test. I used to run competitively and used to love to exercise. However, about 4 years ago I developed a problem with the Eustachian tube in one ear. Whenever my heart rate gets really high, it pops open and I have a hard time getting it to close up again. Sometimes it takes me over a month to get the ear back to normal. ... (2 replies)

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