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... I'm new on here and was hoping for some friendly advice or input. ... (2 replies)
... Just wanted to say that your post, sounds just like me!! Seriously, just like me. I'm in perimenopause and the pvc's come and go, I could go months with nothing and then "bam!" they are back. I have been tested out the wazoo and nothing comes back abnormal. I also have been dealing with these since my 20's. ... (23 replies)
... years I've been suffering with anxiety but recently I've been getting a lot better. ... (3 replies)

... can someone please reply (1 replies)
... g beats he said it's normal as i suffer from palpitations my height and weight was checked as i'm 6 foot 3 my dad died due to a hospital blunder he had pneumonia and they didn't do proper tests on him it was left for so long he couldn't even breath anymore and went into cardiac arrest. ... (1 replies)
... but pretty much stable at 20, 5'10", eat well and reasonably active. ... (0 replies)
... PM and sometimes it last for about an hour. I felt excruciating pain on my heart and its beating really fast, I start to feel lightheaded, hot flush, sweating a lot cold sweat as if I'm going to have a heart attack. ... (4 replies)
... I have felt exhausted and have had pains in my muscles and joints for as long as I can remember. There is never a day when I dont feel physically ill. I suffer hot sweats on exertion and get breathless easily. ... (5 replies)
... You are lucky, I have had skipped beats non stop every day for about 8 months. Like beat, beat, skip, rumble, beat, skip, rumble. This goes on all day and all nite. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks for replying. I have only just found this forum, and it does help reading the different questions and replies. My heartbeat is often no more than 54 bpm. The misses often come in runs and continues sometimes for hours. ... (3 replies)
... long story...I was only 38, and complaining of severe palpitations and extremely odd heart rate with occasional fainting spells. GP diagnosed anxiety and would not even listen to my heart, just gave me Prozac. He apologised to me in hospital afterward. ... (0 replies)
... minutes it would happen and accompanied by a thumping heart. ... (5 replies)
... Sounds like you might be quite an anxious person. Anxiety can exacerbate the symptoms you are describing. Perhaps ask your doctor for something for your anxiety and see if the symptoms subside. I wish you well. ... (4 replies)
... RAY, ULTRASOUND, CAT SCAN and even the absolute best test they can provide, ANGIOGRAM. All stated that my heart is fine. But I am still getting the chest pain here and there. ... (3 replies)
... and it did NOTHING to help my HR. I got to the ER and it was about 170. I laid down, got an IV and tried vagel manuvers. I have had anxiety attacks and knew darn well this wasnt one. ... (6 replies)
... im so scared! i suffer anxiety etc. started having when stressed last yr moving house but get alot before period. one time i went to gp after running he thought he heard murmur whic scared me! ... (0 replies)
... critical problem. Anxiety and effects of medication can't be ruled out in regard to the results of the EKG. ... (3 replies)
... my doc and several others I've spoken to think it's some kind of anxiety response. Tried beta blockers for a while which seemed to work a treat although my doc doesn't want to prescribe any 'drugs. ... (11 replies)
... :dizzy: Having had numerous tests - Echo, 24hr ecg, 3 resting ecg's, chets Xray, blood tests - my doctor has concluded that my heart rate problem is caused by anxiety. I hear many people on this message board suggesting that exercise relieves anxiety although I can't do even the lightest exercise without my heart sky rocketing (am only 25 and used to go to the gym 3-4 time... (11 replies)
... I went to the er this past weekend for chest pain and shortness of breath. They did an exg and told me it was perfect. I was not having a heart attack. I have been having weird symptoms so I have been afraid of something being wrong with my heart. ... (0 replies)

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