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... After a bad flu 6 months ago, I started having pvcs every few beats and I could feel them a lot of the time. I had all kinds of accompanying symptoms like dizziness and chest pain. ... (4 replies)
... have had a number of scares. Times where my heart would race and I had to call 911 and more intense and frequent PVCs. I went to the ER one morning because the PVCs were so bad. ... (4 replies)
... The other things I was concerned about is my liver enzymes are elevated. ... (1 replies)

... Well, just yesterday I was at my computer, and all of the sudden I started having lots of extra, erratic heart beats in the midst of my normal heart rythem. It was kinda like this.. ... (0 replies)
... I've talked to many doctors who say that I have just a handful of PVCs a day, but when I look up information on PVCs I see that they're more random, but these things I get happen only when I talk, yawn, laugh.... ... (4 replies)
... getting near my heart when I laughed, yawned, etc... So I went to see a cardiologist and got myself a 24 hour heart monitor. The results said that I had "eight" PVCs through that entire period, which sounded about right because they really weren't that bad that day. ... (4 replies)
... ear an event monitor and nothing "off" was found. Then a year ago, I was having another run of rapid heartrate and my GP sent me for an echocardiogram. Totally normal although there was some mild reflux but he said that the echos are so sensitive these days that just about every one gets that on their report. ... (12 replies)
... Are PVCs caused LESS by what we eat and shouldn't, . . . . and MORE by what we DON'T eat, and should? ... (5 replies)
... ring why he didn't bother to tell me anything about it, explain what it was, and possibly treat it.. I mean these pcvs or "extra beats" happen more often than my normal heart beat. Everything I read said if you have something like 6 or more or 10 or more in a minute you should be treated. I easily have 20 or more in a minute.. ... (2 replies)
... I just dont get it. I was doing SO well. And even on those occasions when I did have the PVCs I would be able to pretty much ignore them. Plus my anxiety was COMPLETELY under control. ... (4 replies)
PVCs, SVT, etc
Aug 26, 2005
... day. I have been too afraid to try it. I want to do something, I have what I assume are PVCs, though none have ever been caught on an EKG and they are at times absolutely maddening. I used to be very much afraid of them, but kind of got used to them and came to only be annoyed by them in time. ... (4 replies)
Pvcs and pacs
Feb 25, 2005
... female who has been palps for sometime now. I have seen a cardio and had bloodwork, echo, stress test, 30 day looping monitor and 30 day heart card. I did have pvcs and pacs and echo showed mild mvp. the other night I had 30 minutes none stop palps and went to the doc who once again said that my heart is healthy. ... (3 replies)
... That sounds exactly like what mine do: PVCs go away during exercise and come slamming back when I rest. When it first started, I couldn't believe that amount of violence in my chest could be survivable, even though docs told me it's pretty benign. And then to further erode my confidence, only the best cardio people seem to be aware that this is NOT a racing heartbeat. More... (9 replies)
... training and at the time was running about 20 miles a week. The PVCs continued to occur daily for about 14 years, completely unresponsive to any change in anything. EXCEPT, exercise. ... (9 replies)
Pvcs anyone?
Dec 22, 2017
... Ok so I have posted before but am back again because of course my PVCs are back again. Nuclear stress test less than a year ago. Normal. High bp with anxiety but it goes down when I call down. The thing thats getting me are these pvcs. ... (4 replies)
... Mine usually go away during exercise unless I push it too hard, I mainly get mine when I try to sit down and relax. Although my skipped beats are more than likely caused by stress than a true electrical misfiring. Am curious to know what supplements you are taking? ... (9 replies)
... stimulate one's heart. Caffeine is a heart stimulant. For those that are overly sensitive to caffeine, it could cause the types of problems that you are having. ... (1 replies)
... Your heart rate is incredibly low. What is your normal without the metoprolol? ... (1 replies)
Oct 30, 2015
... I have had PVCs all my life too! Sometimes they occur in tandem, one right after the other. I am athletic, ripped male into weight lifting and karate. ... (6 replies)
... t damage now I'm trying to recover my aniexty it through the roof. I've had a few visits to A and E recently and everything ecg chest x ray bloods all come back normal . ... (2 replies)

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