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... Pain, discomfort covers a wide spectrum of pain (subjective) and,or discomfort. Referring specifically to the question of arm pain during a heart attack as the poster asks, the emission spectrum of pain that radiates to the arm is wavelike and there is a variation in its intensity (sharp or dull). (10 replies)
... It is a feeling that is very hard for me to describe. The worst pain in my arm was during a heart attack, but I have experienced it with bouts of angina since then. It is a dull ache that can involve most of the left arm, but not the left hand. ... (10 replies)
... I was researching some facts about pain in the left arm when I read your post about the pain you experienced in your left arm. About a week ago I experienced severe pain in my left arm that radiated literally down my entire left arm. ... (10 replies)

... For almost a week prior to the attack, I had agonizing pain in my left shoulder. The pain would radiate from shoulder to my elbow on the inside of my left arm. I couldn't sleep, so I spent the nights wondering what was happening to me. ... (10 replies)
... pain can radiate to the arms, neck and jaw. Angina usually subsides with rest if exertion brought it on, but if the angina results in heart muscle damage there may be nausea, sweating and breathing problems. Numbness of limbs is more likely due to a stroke. ... (10 replies)
... Kenkeith: Right now I'm living with an EF of 25%. Afib is giving me such an irregular heartbeat that it has lowered my EF to 25% (measured from ultrasound). For a number of years Sotalol has kept me nicely in normal sinus rhythm. But it is not doing a very effective job right now. The cardiologist and I are going to meet to see what changes in medication are... (10 replies)
... due to heart cell ischemic heart attack. It is possible I could have avoided heart cell damage if there had been a pain warning or something other than heart failure. ... (10 replies)
... After starting to lift again, I noticed that my left arm had started hurting on and off. The pain was not burning, but an annoying type of pain. This has happened for a few days on and off. ... (4 replies)
... what kind of arm pain does a person have during a heart attack? ... (2 replies)
Heart attack
Sep 28, 2007
... i did not have blockage but it sounds like to me you need to get to the doctor (7 replies)
Heart attack
Sep 28, 2007
... HI i am new to this so I dont know even if i am posting right... I have a terrible fear of doctors...anyway i am 46 yr old, family of heart disease, I had a heart attack at the age of 35, blockage. ... (7 replies)
Heart attack
Jan 31, 2004
... Interesting, I wasn't aware that nauseau and vomiting only occur when the MI is located in the inferior part? Butterfly, do you have a reference for that because I would be interested in learning more. I was always under the assumption that those symptoms were more specific to person (i.e. some have no feeling of an MI) as opposed to location of the ischemia. One more... (13 replies)
... Just wondering what a blood pressure would be during a heart attack, I have been having some pain in the middle of my chest, and some pain in my left arm. ... (1 replies)
Heart attack
Jul 21, 2007
... Hi. I am 41 yrs old and had a heart attack Sept 2006. I had no clue it was coming. I had quadruple bypass surgery 3 days later. ... (0 replies)
... Like, where is it? Is it on the underneath side of the arm, on the top? Is it on the forearm or the upperarm? Is it a numbness? a sharp pain? (10 replies)
... There is an estimate of 24% of the heart disorder population that have an EF below 29% and don't even realize there is a medical problem as their system is compensating well for the failing heart. I don't have a rhythm problem, but it seems that is almost an eventuality for a heart-failing patient!? . (10 replies)
... My best description: Try to imagine having heartburn in your upper arm. I know that sounds a bit nuts, but it will make sense to anyone who's experienced it. :D (10 replies)
... Family history of heart conditions. ... (8 replies)
... I'm literally exhausted. I don't I know what to do. I'm trying so hard to be brave. I'm breathing slowly and deeply, but my heart feels so weak. ... (2 replies)
... chronic chest pain that don't have to do with the heart...I started having chest pains as a freshman in high school. ... (1 replies)

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